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Clonidine Side Effects


Serious Side Effects of Clonidine

  • abnormal heartbeats, either at dangerously high or low rates
  • tightness in chestPackage of Clonidine
  • trouble breathing
  • rapid weight gain
  • hallucinating or feeling confused
  • fever
  • faintness or passing out
  • difficulty urinating or not urinating at all

Common Side Effects of Clonidine

  • feeling tired or dizzy
  • blurry vision, or a dry, burning sensation of the eyes
  • increased anxiety
  • trouble sleeping
  • nausea or throwing up
  • changes in bowel movements including constipation
  • headache
  • joint or muscle aching
  • minor rash
  • decreased libido, inability to have sex (erectile dysfunction)

What Symptoms may be a Sign of Withdrawal?

Sudden termination of treatment using Clonidine may result in withdrawal. Seek professional care if these symptoms occur:
  • increased anxiety
  • irritability
  • extremely high blood pressure
  • uncontrollable shaking or sweating
  • upset stomach
  • depression
  • aching in the body
  • Kevin

    I have been on Clonidine 0.2mg twice a day for several years. I recently got a refill and after taking about a weeks worth my blood pressure suddenly increased from normal to 160s/100s and my heart rate went from my usual 50s to 90s and 100s. I felt like I had stopped taking my medicine altogether My doctor prescribed a new 0.3 dose and my BP is now almost too low. Is it possible that the Clonidine refill I got was bad? I plan on taking it back to CVS so they can send it to the drug company that made it to see if it was wrong dose, etc. Does this actually happen?? My doc says it’s possible….