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Geodon Side Effects

Like any drug, Geodon has the potential for minor side effects such as
  • headache
  • drowsiness
  • anxiety
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • loss of appetite
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • weight gain
  • muscle pain
  • restlessness
In rare cases, Geodon has been shown to cause more serious conditions known as
  • tardive dyskinesia(involuntary body movements)
  • serotonin syndrome(the production of excess serotonin to the point of toxicity, which can be fatal)
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome(causes stiff muscles, sweating, fever, confusion, and irregular heartbeat, and can be fatal as well)
  • Tracy Collins

    I’ve taken this drug for 2 and a half years. In the past 6 months I’ve ended up in the ER because I could not empty my bladder. My doctor (psychiatrist) told me that I was on the threshold of not being able to urinate. I am going off of this drug with her supervision as I believe long term physical harm is possible and clinical trials can’t bring this to light. Problems of some magnitude can certainly come to light only after the drug is available for prescription.

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