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Invega Sustenna
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Invega Sustenna Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of Invega Sustenna

  • extreme dizziness and faintinginvega sustenna package and syringe
  • increase in blood sugar level and cholesterol levels
  • increase or decrease in heart rate, irregular heartbeats, seizures (convulsions)
  • trouble swallowing
  • feeling restless and unable to sit still
  • increased levels of prolactin which may produce breast milk, cause irregular or missed periods or make it more difficult to become pregnant; for men it may decrease libido, reduce the ability to have sex or produce sperm, and may cause swelling of the breasts
  • an erection lasting for more than 4 hours
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome: stiff muscles, muscle pain, high fever, sweating more than usual, changes in thoughts or mood, and decreased or increased urine
  • uncontrolled muscle movement or muscle spasms, particularly of the face, lips or mouth area, tongue, arms or legs could indicate tardive dyskinesia
  • a new infection with symptoms of a fever, chills and sore throat
  • signs of a serious allergic reaction such as hives, rash, red or itchy skin, swelling of the tongue, throat, mouth or face and trouble breathing

Common Side Effects of Invega Sustenna

  • May cause feelings of dizziness, light-headedness, fatigue, or drowsiness.
  • Irritation, redness, pain or inflammation where the injection was given can occur.
  • Increase in weight, heartburn (indigestion), or headaches are also common when using this medication.
  • nora E

    my husband was on this drug when he developed a blod clot inn his leg which was noted by hospital as being sizable, he also is having intermitten arythmias and his blood is thicker and the heparin treatments a working slower.

  • kayleigh marshall

    This was the worst drug I couldve ever taken and I warn others not to take it at all. I was constipated for 2 weeks at a time and could barely use the bathroom. I could not ever breathe on the drug not from just the anxiety but physically. It slowed my brain down so much I was forgetting things and not able to function. I gained 40 pounds in 2 months going from 105 to 144. I was not able to have much energy and was and still am 2 months later super bloated. I did not have a period and still havent though im not pregnant for 4 months now. It caused me to hallucinate more than curing anything. If you do not have schizophrenia this is a terrible drug to take. It messed with me and still does with all these symptoms now. I could never go to the bathroom and was throwing up because I couldn’t and my stomach had no more room. I would never ever recommend this drug for anyone. A lot of counseling practices do drug research for grants to see how medicines work Invega was one of the leading drugs used for research. It is fairly new and better than cogentin but is not a good drug and will definitely impact your everyday life in a negative outcome in some of the following mentions above. TERRIBLE DRUG DO NOT TAKE OR GET INJECTIONS.