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Latuda Side Effects


Serious side effects of Latuda

  • seizures and uncontrollable movements/twitching in the face or body
  • allergic reactions like swelling of the face or appendages, difficulty breathing and swallowing, or hives
  • Hoarseness, shortness of breath and abnormal/irregular heartbeat
  • sever muscle stiffness, sore throat, fever, cough, chills, or any sign of infection
  • agitation or hostility, confusion and sores in and around the mouth
  • heart failure, sudden death or pneumonia in older adults with dementia or related conditions
  • suicidal thoughts, high blood sugar that increases feeling thirsty/dry mouth, increases urination and hunger, fruity-smelling breath with dry skin, blurred vision mixed with weight loss
  • severe muscle stiffness and soreness, feeling lightheaded and tremors
  • increases in weight mixed with difficulty for the body to warm up or cool down after exposure to the extremes

Common side effects of Latuda

  • minor drowsiness mixed with weakness and restlessness, including slow movements
  • agitation, anxiety with uncontrollable movement and minor blurred vision
  • nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and vomiting, and possible weigh gain with difficulty falling/staying asleep
  • increased salivation with breast enlargement and possible discharge, late/missed menstrual cycles and low libido or decreased sexual ability
  • DonaldN

    sever muscle stiffness, weakness, zombie like walking, lack of mental clarity, severe stroke like conditions, including dizziness when laying down, needs assistance with cane while walking for bad mobility in the morning… DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!

    • overly worried

      I’m sorry to hear of your problems with latuda and my husband is also having horrible side effects from it. He stopped it 3 weeks ago but is still having trouble walking, balance, and has fallen twice in the last two days. His symptoms are described as Parkinson Disease like and we ended up in the ER a few weeks ago, it got so bad.
      Would appreciate any additional comments. We now have an appointment with a neurologist!
      Thanks you.

      • Donald N

        Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your husbands problems with this poison. Since I llast posted I have now been dxd with a stroke!!! We’ve been calling around to see if there were any lawsuits yet…and of course nothing. If you guys hear of anything please let us know bc this poison needs to be stopped! !!!

  • shawn

    Patients should not use Latuda if they are also using antidepressants ?? I was on celexa with this drug doctor recommended but I had to stop gave me a reaction. My throat muscles constricted and I couldnt move my mouth it was unconfortable and got little painful. albance gave me bendral and now I take serquel its working much better. They put me on new drugs at first cause I didnt have any insurance.

  • graysquirrel50

    I took Latuda for a couple of weeks +. I am running out of time to sue. I am plagued with permanent side effects. It’s a struggle to walk, though i go through rounds of Physical Therapy, stay as active as possible. I do well for awhile, then i have a set back and need to nearly start over. i have bouts of akathesia or EPS or something like that, for which i take another medication. I gnash my teeth and sometimes my arms or legs jerk. I have hostility issues that began the first week of taking Latuda, but no one at the Mental Health facility that i go to had read the insert regarding the side effects, including akathesia or EPS, and hostility (in 10 1//2 years with the same therapist, I had never, ever exhibited symptoms that alerted him before. I’m not a hostile or disruptive client in any way).
    It felt as though my central nervous system was attacking my musculoskeletal system. When i called the after hours line to report and receive help; that i seemed to be having a severe allergic reaction to a medication, the Doctor on call failed to return my call. Protocol dictates that a client DOES RECEIVE A CALL BACK, but there had been a breach in protocol. When i called the local emergency room, they said they were really busy and suggested that i call Ask-A-Nurse, who then referred me….
    I was appalled and terrified. I’d rather not divulge too much. The statute of limitations might be running out for me. I was told by a lawyer that i had 2 years to sue. I have until September 2015 if that’s the case. I’ve never sued anyone in my life; I’d rather work things out in person. I get better, i get worse, i get better, i get worse. Overall, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I haven’t worked since the side effects have rendered me in great pain and the meds that treat both the pain and the akathesia put me to sleep.

    • Casey

      My mom had many of the same symptoms. It was very painful to watch her go through this. None of her doctors would help her. Instead they increased the dose dramatically. She commit suicide July of last year. I really hope you are able to overcome these horrible side effects

      • graysquirrel50

        thank you. i’m fighting all of the debilitating permanent recurring side effects. I’m so sorry about your mom. We have to continue the awareness. there needs to be a class action lawsuit. I hope that we can all find justice for people like your mom, Casey. You are in my prayers. My father committed suicide, though he wasn’t being treated for his depression. It gets easier to deal with…but it never goes away. My 24-year old nephew committed suicide a few years ago. Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy is all i want to do with my life now. To help the world recognize that these are common illnesses–brain diseases–and warrant as much attention as any other organ disease. Not giving up the fight! Join me in helping other’s see and not be quiet about what’s happened to ourselves, our loved ones. Thanks Casey.

  • Anthony Clay

    I took this medication January 2014 and stopped Feb 2014. About 3 weeks later, i developed type 2 diabetes. To this day, i still have diabetes. I cant afford the medication or doctors visits. I have went to other forums looking for people that have had permanent side effects from this drug. I am sure there are enough people to do a class action lawsuit.

    • graysquirrel50

      where else have you seen testimonials? yes there are. I had trouble getting a lawyer, because it’s a psych drug. WOW. The demonization of mental illness still exists. It’s a Brain disease (new terminology might help change the way people view it, us).

  • Toni

    My son took Latuda for a short period of time and ended up trying to commit suicide several times. It is tragic, the side effects of this drug. Has anyone brought a lawsuit against Latuda? I looked online and have been unable to locate.

    • Casey

      I am actually going to speak with a lawyer in the next couple days. My mother was on this medication and the side effects were terrible. She commit suicide July of last year. No note. I have to believe it was the drug that did it.

      • graysquirrel50

        keep us posted regarding a lawyer, Casey. I did report the drug to the FDA. i hope something happens. Two years ago, this forum didn’t even exist. it’s a start.

    • bonville48

      I too had very severe side effects I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I could not even walk by myself or sign my name among some of the side effects. I was always falling (down stairs on floor and in tub). I was taken to the hospital by ambulance as I could not walk on my own. At first they thought I had had a stroke. I was told I needed physical therapy to learn to walk again!I have looked for months for Latuda class action suits. Maybe we should start one?

  • Casey

    My mom took this medication for a couple of months. Terrible side effects. She started gnashing her teeth to the point where they all had to be pulled. After they were pulled, it continued and she would gnash her gums. This caused painful infections. She commit suicide July of last year.

  • Anita Williams Moon

    latuda has caused muscle weakness and deteriation. need help. noe longer on latuda but very weak.

    • graysquirrel50

      i find that i’m in worse shape 2 years after going off latuda. i did report it to the FDA. That may be why this forum exists. We can’t give up. if you know of anyone else that has been harmed by this drug, tell them to comment on this forum. we need numbers for a class action suit. The maker’s of Latuda have enough money to pay those of us severely affected by the side effects & the family members who have lost a loved one. You’re in my thoughts Anita. Physical therapy for life is a must. I also go to a pain doctor. So many doctor’s since i took Latuda. It’s hard to get them to take one seriously. But we can’t quit!

      • T Brown

        Please tell me how you contacted the FDA. I will be glad to do that. We need to get this drug off the market.

  • Anita Williams Moon

    need to know if there is a lawyer for to sue the company of latuda

  • brandon

    I started taking it 4 days ago and felt so happy today? Did anyone else with bad results feel happy at first? I don’t want to keep taking it if I’m going to see bad side effects but also don’t want to risk stopping it if I WONT see bad side effects….#**!

  • Kae Kelley-Ottobre

    Had a horrible time with Latuda. It did not help with depression, in fact, the depression became worse. I developed an unusual rash on both of my hands that would not clear up not matter what I tried to treat it with. I also had movements of my jaw and teeth gnashing that I could not control, and have bitten pieces off of my tongue. I began having balance issues and trouble with walking and my speak would get slurred on and off. Have been off the Latuda for several months now and have improved a great deal, but still have some residual effects (uncontrolled movements of the mouth, occasional slurred speech).

  • Jake

    I took latuda for about three months. I had the most insane three months of my life. Indescribable restlessness, the most insane paranoia, my heart would start pounding like it was going burst out of my chest, and the last month my hair started falling out. I have been off three weeks now and my hair is still falling out. The first week was like living in a nightmare. I was so paranoid I couldn’t watch tv or listen to the radio. My racing thoughts were almost unberable, and I have never had depression issues until I took latuda, and when I got off it got so much worse, I had the darkest thoughts I’ve ever had in my life. This drug was terrifying for me. If I could go back in time and slap it out of my hand before taking the first one I would. I am still trying to piece myself back together after this crap wrecked my life.

  • T Brown

    My comments about this drug. I have no doubt is has caused my daughter’s problems today. Shortly after starting the drug she fell ill. Sick to her stomach, fever. This progressed into numbness in hand, legs and feet. She has been in the hospital twice Vanderbilt Medical Center and has nerve damage that may or may not come back. She now walks with a walker, not able to bath, drive a car or walk without assistance. She is in the prime of her life or was until this. I can’t get the doctors to look into this, but will keep trying.
    Please give me assistance with making a complaint with the FDA. If anyone has an attorney, I would be glad to join a class action law suit. It’s not about the money to me, it’s about getting this drug off the market. Please reply if you have anything to offer.

  • Samuel Jakob Cavazos

    Help me! My body hurts and I am weak. My muscles feel like they are deteriorating

  • Amanda

    I was on Latuda for a month. At first it was fine. Then I noticed that every night I felt intensely depressed and unable to experience any joy at all. Nothing felt good. Even super depressed a hug or a hot shower feels nice. Not on Latuda. Latuda made me experience true ahedonia. I would take clonazepam or benadryl just to go to sleep faster to not feel the way I was feeling. When I woke up I would feel better. I was taking the Latuda after dinner and that’s why I was feeling awful every night. It wasn’t until I accidentally missed a dose and took it in the day and felt the ahedonia that I put two and two together. I wouldn’t wish this medicine on my worst enemy.

  • Judy Hoffman

    My son was on Latuda for about a month or more and was on Seroquel and neurontin and suffered from PTSD from a hazing that happened back in 1994-1995 he was put on Latuda because he was now a diabetic and the med’s were causing him to want sugar which all these drugs will cause him to crave sugar so why give him another drug that does the same. Well it wasn’t working we asked to use something else because my son wasn’t doing well and they said one more month and see if it works. Well a couple weeks or so later my son took and over dose of Metformin and passed away. I know it was the Latuda did it and would like anyone interested in filing a lawsuit message me at [email protected] I lost my son I have been robbed of grandchildren and beautiful memories with him and I don’t want to see another parent suffer as I have. He was a Teacher with a master’s degree and because of this drug my son isn’t here any longer…..