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Latuda Side Effects


Serious side effects of Latuda

  • seizures and uncontrollable movements/twitching in the face or body
  • allergic reactions like swelling of the face or appendages, difficulty breathing and swallowing, or hives
  • Hoarseness, shortness of breath and abnormal/irregular heartbeat
  • sever muscle stiffness, sore throat, fever, cough, chills, or any sign of infection
  • agitation or hostility, confusion and sores in and around the mouth
  • heart failure, sudden death or pneumonia in older adults with dementia or related conditions
  • suicidal thoughts, high blood sugar that increases feeling thirsty/dry mouth, increases urination and hunger, fruity-smelling breath with dry skin, blurred vision mixed with weight loss
  • severe muscle stiffness and soreness, feeling lightheaded and tremors
  • increases in weight mixed with difficulty for the body to warm up or cool down after exposure to the extremes

Common side effects of Latuda

  • minor drowsiness mixed with weakness and restlessness, including slow movements
  • agitation, anxiety with uncontrollable movement and minor blurred vision
  • nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, and vomiting, and possible weigh gain with difficulty falling/staying asleep
  • increased salivation with breast enlargement and possible discharge, late/missed menstrual cycles and low libido or decreased sexual ability
  • DonaldN

    sever muscle stiffness, weakness, zombie like walking, lack of mental clarity, severe stroke like conditions, including dizziness when laying down, needs assistance with cane while walking for bad mobility in the morning… DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!

    • overly worried

      I’m sorry to hear of your problems with latuda and my husband is also having horrible side effects from it. He stopped it 3 weeks ago but is still having trouble walking, balance, and has fallen twice in the last two days. His symptoms are described as Parkinson Disease like and we ended up in the ER a few weeks ago, it got so bad.
      Would appreciate any additional comments. We now have an appointment with a neurologist!
      Thanks you.

      • Donald N

        Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your husbands problems with this poison. Since I llast posted I have now been dxd with a stroke!!! We’ve been calling around to see if there were any lawsuits yet…and of course nothing. If you guys hear of anything please let us know bc this poison needs to be stopped! !!!

  • shawn

    Patients should not use Latuda if they are also using antidepressants ?? I was on celexa with this drug doctor recommended but I had to stop gave me a reaction. My throat muscles constricted and I couldnt move my mouth it was unconfortable and got little painful. albance gave me bendral and now I take serquel its working much better. They put me on new drugs at first cause I didnt have any insurance.