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Prednisone Side Effects


Serious Side Effects of Prednisone

  • rapid weight gain
  • swollen hands, ankles or feet
  • infection with symptoms including fever or a sore throat
  • blurry vision
  • coughing up blood or vomit the appearance of coffee grounds, dark stools or bloody stools which may be signs of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • seizures
  • strong abdominal or stomach pain
  • depression
  • abnormal heart beat
  • feeling angry
  • slow recovery time when hurt
  • thinning of the skin
  • aching in the bone
  • changes in menstruation
  • allergic reaction: dizziness, swollen or puffy face, mouth, tongue or throat, trouble breathing and hives or itchy skin

Common Side Effects of Prednisone

  • lack of appetite
  • sweating more frequently
  • difficulty sleeping
  • indigestion
  • upset stomach
  • vomiting
  • acne

Can Prednisone Cause a Withdrawal?

Patients who have taken prednisone for a long time or in large amounts may become dependent on prednisone and experience withdrawal if they stop taking this medication suddenly. If use is ended abruptly, you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as:
  • feeling angry or irritated
  • sweating or fever
  • aching of the joints or muscles
  • low blood pressure
  • vomiting or nausea
  • headache
  • drowsiness
If you experience withdrawal due to prednisone, call your healthcare provider.
  • Hal Muller

    I was given prednisone for a staff infection. This staff infection went away durig the cold weather and came back during the summer months. For five years I struggled with uncontrolable itching, I was given a two perscription dose then the cooler weather seemed to make the infection go kind of dorment. I hooked up with the cleveland clinic and they informed me that prednisone was hard on the joints. In the fall of 2012 i was told I had A.V.N. Basicly my hip joint was dying. Now I need a hip replacment and can not work. Any chance of getting any help from the manufacturer for my pain and suffering from not being told the risks linked to this drug?

  • Majid saki

    I used and sometimes use prednisone .it has caused lots of problems like osteoporosis , chronic back pain, compression frecture and diabitic. Prednisone effect the body slowly and I did not know about some many side effects. According to one doctor that I am prednisone dependence even I used it as doctor told me. I have done one kyphoplasty surgery on my back and I have to do more. Also I have many other problems. Is there any chance me and many other people who are suffering like me because of this medication could get help from a law firm so we can file group lawsuit because of not being inform about the risks and injury.

  • Evelyn

    I’m only 35 and in less than a year I’ve had 2 total hip replacement… I feel they should warn people about long term use of it.

  • Edwin

    took pregnozone to treat bilateral wrist pain (did not hear of any doctor prescribing it for that problem) I had very severe allergic reactions, which included swollen hands, ankles and feet, a slight fever, vomiting the appearance of coffee grinds, abdominal or stomach pain, I was caused depression at that time, had a abnormal heart beat, dizziness, trouble breathing, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, indigestion, upset stomach, vomiting, aching of the joints or muscles. went to hospital in very severe condition at that moment I felt really sick and the ambulance and hospital would be my best chance for survival so I went to hospital via ambulance to the Emergency Room. the fine Doctors and God saved my life. I wish my Doctor had explained to me the possible deadly side effects when he prescribed the Drug to me. Pregnozone in y opinion should be added to the bad drug list. My life might have ended a year ago.

  • Ken Crabb

    Wife has necrotyzing auto immune myopathy due to lipitor and pravastatin WE ARE IN AUSTRALIA

  • Ken Crabb


  • Rachelle Martin

    PREDNISONE!! It caused diabetes, tachycardia, osteoporosis, atrophy, hyperthyroid, made me bald with a trach and relying on a walker. I gained 73 pounds in just a few months. I was only 27!!!

  • Scott Reed

    I was prescribed Prednisone in a very high dose in June 2016 after being injured in the neck and head (doctor thought it was a pulled muscle in my arm). I used this drug for 1 month then my vision started going extremely blurry. After getting glasses to adjust this vision lose it has started again. Seems like every 6 months it gets worse. Now I can’t find a attorney to help me even after all the documents I have from all the doctors. DO NOT USE THIS DRUG EVER!!!!!!

    • roger

      my name is roger i was prescribed prednisone and i also after a mounth refused to take it anymore ; That was in march of 2015. a couple months later,my eyes started blurring i could hardly walk , all of my joints are shot. i have a very hard time walking up and down stairs. its been over two years.the docter lied about the side effects. I just found out that theirs been recalls for prednisone since 2012 to feburary 2017.any luck finding an attorney

  • joyce Coley

    prednisone is a horrible drug-worse than what it treats. I had Shingles and my doctor prescribed it. I went from 105 pounds to 129 pounds in less than 3 months(even after the 10 day regimen) and my stomach was irritated really badly. my doctor failed to tell me about the side effects. I warn people not to ever take it. How is this medicine even legal?