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Viibryd Side Effects

Because of how recently Viibryd has come on to the market, the full extent of Viibryd side effects is still unknown. If you have had an adverse reaction to this, or any other medication, be sure to report it here. Other Viibryd side effects include:
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Insomnia
  • Increased sweating
  • Tremor
  • Diarrhea
  • Sexual Side Effects (Though an increase in libido has been reported more often than dysfunction)
  • Anxiety
  • Brain Zaps.  This is an interesting one that has been seen in the withdrawl symptoms of other ssris. Those who have experienced them say that its like an electric shock in the center of your brain (hence the term). Report it here.
One of the rarest Viibryd side effects is serotonin syndrome, a serious and sometimes deadly reaction to too much serotonin in the body. Symptoms occur within minutes to hours of onset and include:
  • Agitation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat
  • Loss of coordination and Hallucinations
  • Over reactive reflexes
  • Tremor, or
  • Confusion
Taking Viibryd with other serotogenic agents increases the risk of serotonin syndrome. If you begin exhibiting these symptoms after taking Viibryd, seek medical attention immediately and report your experiences. Also, if you have any questions whatsoever about Viibryd, or Viibryd side effects, speak to your doctor.  Doing so may prevent severe or life-threatening complications.
  • Bonnie

    Never the same after taking several sample packets of Vibryd. I had severe stomach pain for most of the day. The doctor knew this and would see me every three or four weeks. The stomach pain left after weaning of of the Vibryd. However this drug has contributed to gastroparesis. (delayed Stomach emptying)

  • Randy

    I always felt like i was in a fog. I have had issues with blurred vision and being “stoned”, and lethargic. It actually made my depression worse, since I was afraid to leave the house most of the time.

    • kristy

      hey i am just starting this medication today. I am one who is afraid to leave the house at any time. SO far i am feeling that fog just being at home. When you go out do you feel different? or more anxiety when you were taking this medication?

      • Mike

        I have felt that with my vision. It’s a very discomforting fogginess and blurriness of vision. It also made things seem very discolored and I guess in some ways, gloomy. Just two weeks into this crap too. It made me feel paranoid, anxious. I’ve never been on any hardcore drug but I told a friend, “If this is how people on acid or ex feel like when they do that stuff, then I feel like them. This sucks…” Bad. I’ve only been on two antidepressants throughout my whole life but I think they’re all bad no matter who made or what they’re made of. Point is they’re unnatural, just as unnatural and harmful as some of the things we eat because they’ve been chemically altered. Putting any of that sort of stuff in your system can cause problems because you were born and made out of nature and thus natural body chemicals, not this man-made scientific B.S. pill. There should be natural treatments for depression which is what I am going to look into. No reason to go on some shit that’s going to make you feel worse – I actually want out of all of this non-sense and live life normally, enjoying nature, natural sunlight and blue skies.

    • rose

      I have not been able to figure out what is wrong with me. Talked to Dr.s councling and therapy cause I to have been confused tierd scared anxious worried I started researching viiybrid last night and seen all these

  • Tracy

    I am a new woman, before I was moody and sad, I had spells of just ups and downs. I found out about a surgery I had to have and then started uncontrolable crying sperts. After the medicine, no more issues. I have energy, not moody, no more crying. Once in a while I have a mood swing but I now can control it better than before. My hubby said I need a life time supply lol.. Thanks so much I feel so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Red

      I have been taking Viibryd for a few months and im actually moving past not wanting to go to work in the mornings. Kinda like Tracy I once in a while get mood swings, usually anger but it goes away in a moment and helps me reflect. Its helping.

    • lulu

      u didn’t mention how long you’ve been on it – also how long had “before” lasted? your post is a year old, are u still doing well? i have a file 4″thick on the kinds of drugs theyve tried on me. i’m really sensitive & only ever need low dosages-feel effects right away-IF meds “work”it’s only 4 a few months…currently on lamotrigine(sp?) as a mood stabilizer (for the lows) & oldschool “housewife” meds – amphetamine & benzos – as needed. i quit taking geodon 6 weeks ago after over a year of it just keeping a muzzle on me. at first it “helped” with mania – but after awhile just feels like a pharmaceutical straight jacket. i’m wondering about this new med b/c i still live with all the symptoms of major depression – feel like if i could take care of those interest & energy for my life – goals & activities would be a natural – pardon the pun – “side effect” – oh & i hear it makes u uhm – frisky. what are your thoughts on it today?

  • Jackie

    Viibryd has caused a much more extreme depressive mood for me. Initially it was the diarrhea I had to overcome…and I gradually noticed I was more anxious and sadder than ever before. Spent the whole weekend crying. I never cry. I was worried about myself…was ready to check in somewhere. I’m much better without this medication!

  • Barb

    Viibryd has increased my blood pressure and given me tinnitus(ringing in my ears). I am getting off it immediately.

  • Jerry

    put a family member into psychosis with insomnia, very dangerous drug

    • john huges

      The med was a complete nightmare for me and my family.Like many people report i to had the insomnia, mania, and hearing voices. I also was on of the ones who went into serotonin syndrome. I have been on many meds. over my life time and I have never had an experience I had with this drug. I believe this drug is very dangerous. Please think twice about this drug before you take it.

      • karm

        Hi i have had a BAD!!! night from this medicine I am expiri very vivid nightmares wow I am blown away I would warn anyone not to take this poison

        • Taylor R Heard

          I have crazy dreams too!! not at night though it is only in the afternoon but i have been taking the medication for almost over a year now but not alone ihave paired it with seroquel it works wonders for my depression but my mood swings still come from my anger.

  • Michelle

    I have been on Viibryd for about 3 weeks now, this is my first experience with any anti depressant. I was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder and Battered Woman Syndrome. I feel about 90% better, as you Mentioned Tracy it is easier to control when I am upset. I have cried less, controlled anger better and am more patent. The only down fall is I have an upset stomach often but after reading other reviews I will start eating each time I take. I started with the 10mg for 7 days the 20mg for 7 days trial pack. I took the 10mg and felt a little difference but not much, I followed instructions and finished and went to take the 20mg. About an hour after taking the 20mg I experienced severe nausea, headache and was just so tired.. That was a difficult day and I cut myself back down to 10mg and am doing really well, my son and I went to the beach yesterday for 3 hours it was really nice.

  • Dorothy

    four days into 20mg.of viibryd have had some upset stomack but my dr. told me to take ginger tablets and they help alot also a cracker helps.starting to feel like doing things seems slow but they all do I have been on lexapro for 8yrs and has seemed to stop working so being weaned off this is my second week went from 20mg to 10mg for a week and this week 10mg every other day and then stop

  • Fleet

    I had been on 20MG of lexapro for about 2 years for mild depression and anxiety. Lexapro seemed to work well for a year and a half then it was less effective. My Dr. recommended Viibryd about 3 months ago. Started with 20MG had some diareha and nausia for a couple of days. The first week or so Viibryd seemed to work well, I did have strange dreams right away. After a month my doctor increased me to 40 and the dreams continued along with a feeling I could not move or wake up. Extreem wierd dreams that always involved some type of struggle. a few days ago I missed taking my Viibryd and the next day was really bad; my teeth hurt, headache, agitation, numness in my face and fingers, my eyes where puffy and burned. I realized that I forgot my medication about noon time and I have decided to get off Viibryd completly, I took one of the 20mg Lexapro that I had left over and it is now the next day. I feel a little better but not normal, my teeth still hurt a little and my head hurts; I did take some over the counter medication for my head. My face feels hot and my eyes still burn.
    My goal is to get back on Lexapro and then taper of all depression medication. I would rather deal with mild depression than experience what I have with long term medication. From what I have read from others is most medications works for a while and then stops, so you are prescribed something new or different and that wroks for a while, and the cycle continues, but if you decide to get off the meds it can be hell. About 6 months ago i tried to tapper off the Lexapro on my own and 3 weeks latter I started back because of agitation and excess anxiety. I think I will work with my doctor this time so that I can be free from the meds all together.


    Igain more than 30 pounds i been having diarrhea, loss of coordination, hearing people and worst is the itch in my boody going crazy..

    • guest1

      Is there a reason you haven’t switched meds? If those are side effects that’s unacceptable!

    • Taylor R Heard

      i am on the medication and i also have that but i only have an itch when i do not take it

    • Jennair

      I would say wean yourself off (with your Dr’s permission) ASAP- I had those issues then I think serotonin syndrome (I don’t know for sure, 3 calls and my dr never called back) and now my resting heart rate is 100 beats per minute.

  • Thankfull

    I am one month into taking the Vibryd. I took the 10mg for one week and than the 20mg for one week. I saw my doctor before starting the 40mg that was next on the starter pack. My boyfreind wanted to wright a small thank you letter to my doctor. It has saved my relationship with my family. I am on 20mg per day and doing great. we felt it was not nessesary to go the full 40mg but can try if needed one day. I take it first thing in the morning with a small amount of food. I cry less than I used to much less, I am not angry all the time, I can talk openly with the kids and have much more patient and able to deal with issues life throws at us. I am not the emotional mess that I was before. I have had little side effects including: Little bit of Nausea, Increased sweating, Mild Diarrhea and libido is way up.

    • Gracie

      I have been on viibryd for little over a month. I have horrible sleep and crippling morning anxiety. My left eye has been blurry and i cannot read well due to it . I hear music in my ears all the time that no one else hears. I want to be taken off this drug but am terrified of the withdrawal symptoms. I have had weird dreams with the little i sleep and am exhausyed and weepy. I am seeing my doctor tomortow and he will be geyting an earful.

  • lost and confussed

    after starting this med i got really sick i was bed ridden for almost a month they put me on this med for ppd after having my second child and i have had nothing but problems with it have had uncontrollable outbursts and severe depression and horrible thoughts of suicide i love my family they r my world so i am off this crap as soon as possible…..i am weening off the stuff now and am down to 20 mg a day and still am very aggitated and have tremors diarrhea and cold sweats neasea and vomiting i could keep going but u get the drift this drug is no good in my book

  • Marcie

    First day taking Viibryd. I have fought the good fight to not go with anti-depressants. I’ve been “not me” for a very long time. Crying
    every day is not normal or acceptable. I’m encouraged by the positive results I’ve read from previous posts. I’ve tried diet, exercise, not yoga but stretching, meditating/praying and reading self-help books. Two years of anxiety and crying and I’m ready to try anything. Hope this works for me and continues to work for those of you who have already seen positive results. Good luck to us all!

    • Sherry

      How is it going! I started yesterday.

      • Hope

        Hi my name is Felix
        Started a week ago trying to find out more information about this medication.
        I been on two different medication. I haven’t been myself since age of 12:( scared trying medications not knowing what would happen… reading everybody’s comments on this medication… I have been havingsymptoms…. where do we go from here. Is the question… who do we talk to…” would we ever get better”.

  • hannah

    I’ve been on it for almost a month and my boyfriend, friends, and I have all noticed that my short term memory is effected. I can’t remember what was I was told within the last 5 minutes and I’ll forget what I am saying in the middle of my sentence.

  • terrilen

    I’m Bipolar, manic depressive and have been on Vybyrid about 3 months now. They started me on 10 mg then upped the dosage to 20 mg. I almost jumped out of my skin at 20mg so back to 10 we went to help with my severe depression. It helped at first but I cannot concentrate , I have brain fog but the agitation it’s causing is horrible ! I’m a caregiver to my 84 yr old father and I now have zero patience and am grouchy all the time. But the worst thing is I have been wanting to leave again…..I won’t but I’ve been thinking about it again when I get so agitated! I want OFF it ….ASAP!
    This is another BAD Drug that has been allowed to come to market despite the fact it will kill or cause folks to kill!!
    Don’t go on it is my advise!!

    • B

      I would like to recommend a video/book. Not sure if you have heard of it. It’s called The Gut and Psychology Syndrome. Great advice for bipolar and manic depression. 🙂

  • Laurie James

    The worst anti-depressant that I have ever taken. Everyone is different for sure. But my experience was nervousness and agitation; horrible nightmares; severve stomach nausea, and diarrahea. The withdraw was awful: horrific nightmares, and hot and cold sweats. And this is having been on it for only 2 weeks! Going back on rimeron! I will deal with a few extra pounds!

  • Bigwheat

    I have always been against taking SSRIs due to the psychological episode I had when taking Effexor 10 years ago. It was my fault I guess, because after a month, I just stopped taking it. It was so scary , I didn’t want to try another one until my new Dr. talked me into trying Viibryd due to my reliance on Xanax (1mg, 3 x per day) for my anxiety/depression. I have to say, Viibyd, so far, has been a wonder drug for me. I didn’t realize how depressed I was until I started on this medication. My anxiety has been cut down about 80 % and I feel “normal” or whatever “normal” is for me. Have been taking it for 5 weeks now and I feel like I have my life back. It truly is wonderful. I don’t know if I am having such a great reaction being that this is really the first SSRI I have ever really given a chance in 10 years. Absolutely no sexual side effects or weight gain. I have had “brain zaps” when my old Dr. cut me off of Xanax (at 3mgs a day- what a prick! ) and I tried to quit cold turkey, bad idea! Brain Zaps are awful and they scare the sh*t out of you. It makes you feel like you have just jumped off a cliff, it jolts your nervous system so much. My new Dr. is slowly taking me down off the Xanax, to get me to 1mg per day, over a period of a year, she is awesome, and I feel I will have no problem doing it with Viibryd controlling my anxiety. I really hope it stays this way and I don’t build up too much of a tolerance to it and the effects diminish. I would be seriously disappointed.

    • Bigwheat

      Oh, forgot to mention, the side effects I did feel were nausea and triggered my Restless Leg Syndrome during the day if I took it it the morning. I switched to taking it right before bed and I am able to sleep off the uncomfortable nausea and haven’t really had too bad of RLS like I thought I would because, for me, it kicks in at night.

  • Donna

    Been taking viibryd for over a year just when it came out in the market. I do not feel like it is helping much. Still get depressed and winter sad it did not help. It has not helped with anxiety at all. My doctor just put me on wellbutrin to go with it. Now I have rapid heart beat and swollen eye lids with burning again.I am wondering if this medicine causes muscles to tighten up. It is not on the side effects list. I agree with Hannah that my short term memory is effected. I can’t remember what was I was told within the last 5 minutes and I’ll forget what I am saying in the middle of my sentence. I forget to do things and forget what I was doing. This also happened when I had lyme disease. And now xanax side effects has been updated to say it can over time cause short term memory loss, dementia. I forgot to take a pill one day and that night I was wondering why when laying down that it sounded like something kept wizzing by the back of my head and started to have weird dreams. I think viibryd may have to go and see if my body feels better.

  • spaz

    I have taken myself off this medication. I gained 30 pounds…slept ALL the time…was in a fog….everything was ‘flatlined’ in life….no enthusiasm for anything at all. Yes, it all sounds like the depression it is supposed to treat! It made everything worse for me. I have been on many, many medications through the years and Viibryd had similuar effects to Lithium on my system. Definately, NOT for everyone. Be aware there are many other options.

  • ziggy

    It seems that there are mostly negative reviews here, which I guess means this is something you’d need to experiment with and test against your personal body chemistry. Personally, I’ve found it to be very successful in helping me to pull myself out of a years-long streak of depression with some minor side effects, some of which went away with time. I’m told that people often have some loose stools when taking this, I was no exception, but this was no longer a problem after a month. I had insomnia for a week when starting and now have some occasional drowsiness. My appetite is often decreased lately (though not unhealthily) and I have very vivid dreams- sometimes nightmares, but the longer it went on the more I found I became aware of and able to control my dreams if they got bad. I can’t concentrate often, but this seems to be a factor not addressed by the medication, not caused by it.
    When first starting the sample, I kept myself on 10mg much longer than initially recommended (I would recommend this especially knowing the risk of serotonin syndrome) to allow my body to adjust and have been doing very well on 20mg for the past month. The withdrawl intensity, however, is frightening. A missed dosage caused an intense psychotic episode in me within five hours of missing it, so I will probably wean myself off of it very slowly later on just as I did going into it.

  • Name

    nasea, anger, constant agitation and crying, head aches, passing out, and alot of unpleasant side effects

  • Ryan

    I hate this medication. I was on lexapro and gained a Lil weight and was tired a lot. So my doctor gave me a sample pack of viibryd to try. I just hit my third week on it. And I hv no job no friends and my wife has left me and took my world our 4 year old son and left me. I’ve had diarrhea headaches crying and the worst nightmares u could imagine. I’ve been moody and tired all the time. I hv uncontrollable outbursts and fits of rage. It’s been a living hell. I obviously called the doctor and I will b seeing him tomorrow. I wouldn’t wish this drug on my worst enemy. I would rather b fat and tired than a psychopath. Deuces vybriid. Good riddance.

  • Chelsea Karen

    In the time that I have taken this drug, I have gotten zero sleep. Not because of the insomnia but because of the terrifying nightmares this crap has been causing. Every night I have demonic creatures in my dreams and I’ve had at least 4 episodes of sleep paralysis. Apparently I’m not the only on experiencing this. There is something seriously wrong with Viibryd and I’m tossing this in the trash. I’m paranoid as it is….good God.

    • aaron

      i feel fine taking it. but i also have the terrible dreams.

      • Stacy

        I have been taking this drug and so far all I have had is a few bad dreams.. I can live with that! Before I was taking celexa and gained more than 50 lbs in 7 months, and I was a zombie.. I slept all the time. My husband also brought me food and drink and my meds to me in bed because I just could not get up to take them 🙁 I will admid the first night on Viibryd I did not get any sleep, but I just started taking it earlier in the mornings and it was fine. Up til now Viibryd is working well for me!!!!! And I hope it continues!

  • Ron

    I could be the poster boy (okay, old man) for Viibryd. I was seriously suicidal. I tried just about every antidepressant there is. Paxil and Cymbalta worked a little bit, the others not at all. Viibryd is fantastic. I remember thinking suicidal thoughts but they just don’t come into my head anymore. Kind of like my brain has been rewired. AND I haven’t had ANY of the side affects that others have mentioned. If I were a pretty girl instead of an ugly old man I think they’d hire me to do a coomercial for them. I seriously believe that it is far and away the best antidepressant on the market. I thank my doctor every time I see him and I thank Viibryd every time I take one.

  • Sarah

    I was just given the first month sample form the doctor yesterday, have been on lamotrigine not working so well, memory is a mess, weird dreams, do not sleep well, not to patient, isolating myself more. Lost my dad 2 years ago, so I have been depressed a lot. The more I read about viibryd, the more scared I get. I feel messed up enough. The only thing that sounds positive was the libido improvement, but that does not make it seem worth. Do I take it or not?

  • Rae

    I had started the Viibryd pack 3 weeks ago and just finished the 3rd week, a full 40 mg dose each day. Last n ight my pupils were enlarged, blurred vision, I couldnt drive to work. I was trying to fall asleep while at work, and paced the room for 6 hours straight to keep myself awake. I work nights. I have been throwing up, diarrea, tremors, night sweats, night terrors. And this morning my muscles cramped up so bad I had a charlie horse in my arms and legs at once. I began to have a panic attack and turned cold quick, throwing on a jacket with 80* temperatures outside. Immediately as I get home I passed out only to wake from a night terror of my husband dead in my dream, bawling my eyes out. My already sensitive eyes, I haven’t slept. I sleep three hours a day tops. I have frequent urination, once an hour a lot at a time. My GI tract is bloated, my legs are beginning to swell. I am lethargic. Light sensitivity to my eyes. Blurred double/triple vision even trying to watch TV. Cotten mouth. Went to the doctor and was given the TX for seratonin syndrome.

  • Emily

    I have been taking Viibryd for a couple months and it has helped so much! I used to take Prozac and it did absolutely nothing. I could not have a positive thought to save my life and I could not stop being a psycho all the time. I am finally myself after years of being depressed. When I first started taking it though, after upping to the 20mg, I had the brain jolts and some crazy dreams where I woke up and still felt all the wild sensations…but I only had this problem when I was taking them in the evening. I started taking them in the mornings with some food and I haven’t had any side effects. I stopped taking them when I ran out of the samples from the dr and was waiting to be able to afford them, and the withdrawl for me is awful. I freak out, cry, scream, turn into a serious psycho, and have severe anxiety to the point Im scared to leave the house and I have never had an anxiety issue before…Although the withdrawl is HORRIBLE, the fact that it has made me so much better when on it, I think it’s great! BUT my withdrawl was quitting cold turkey after working my way up to the 40mg…so maybe that’s why it was so bad..

    • on it

      um yeah, youre not supposed to stop cold turkey fi::::::::: viibrid offers financial assistance

  • Denise

    I’ve just started taking they kit. Was on paxil which had too many side effects for me so viibryd so far has been much better. Had a little nausea the first 2 days but over that hurdle now. Hoping there are no issues when I cross into the 20 mg.

  • Alyson

    I was diagnosed with social anxiety in high school at which time my doctor prescribed Paxil. The side effects of Paxil were horrible at times. Eventually, 15 years later, I worked to wean myself off of the drug. At that time my anxiety seemed to be relatively under control but depression was slowly easing its way into my consciousness. Eventually, I sought counseling and was prescribed several new anti-depressants, Celexa, Cymbalta… and now Viibryd. Mainly with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) I’ve delivered a sucker-punch to my anxiety. Now I’m engaged with a wedding just around the corner.

    The only issue now? Getting off Viibryd. Why? Well the drug has been better for me personally (I think) than Paxil, I don’t sleep all the time as I did with Celexa, and I thought it might not be a good sign when I couldn’t have a normal bowel movement for a week at a time thanks to Cymbalta. Obviously, each of our bodies react very differently to the very same drugs. For others their experience with taking any of the above mentioned drugs could have been horrific or wonderfully positive. I can’t say for sure if Viibryd has helped me with anxiety or depression these last 9 months. I just know that I don’t like the side effects which for me have included the following: nausea (feeling like I will throw up but I never do), restless leg syndrome, brain zaps (like an electric shock only in the head- wonderful), abnormal and sometimes terrifying dreams (rare at least), tremors.

    I’m 34 years old and am hoping to start a family within the next year. My choice is to not expose the fetus/child to any class of anti-depressants. I figure my best offense against anxiety and depression in the future will be a healthy diet, exercise, and the emotional support of family and friends.

    Wishing the very best for everyone else out there dealing with any kind of mental illness. Trust me, more people understand and can relate than you might imagine. Best of luck and God Bless.

  • Dawn Dalton

    I have been on Viibyrd for 8 months now. I am in love with it. It is the first antidepressant that has worked for me. Before trying it, I was in a deep depression, to the extent my husband was bringing me food in bed. He was afraid I wasnt ever going to leave my bed to eat. I have had no side effects. My libido is still as active as ever. I can’t imagine going a day without it.

  • trac b

    This drug is the most aweful thing that has ever happened to me!!!!! I sleep only 1 hour a night with the help of Ambien! I dry heave all day long. Migraine headaches. This complete Insomnia is the worst! I have only been on a few weeks. I am going off and if the doc can return my system back to normal. I pray God just takes me!!!!! Never EVER take this drug!

  • Kathy

    I’ve only been using this drug for a week and 4 days now, but I could already tell a difference in my depression by the 3rd day. I’m not sure I’m going to like the 20mg, because it gives me an increased stomach burning/nausea feeling and it’s already hard to sleep on this medication. I try to take mine with breakfast, but absolutly before 10am so I have some chance of getting a good nights sleep. I’ve been on several medications and Lexapro worked the best for me, but had terrible sexual side effects. So far with this drug, I haven’t noticed any sexual side effects; which I’m hoping will last.

    • cheryl

      Hi Kathy,…I’m starting with Viibryd and as soon as I went up to 40mg I’ having the stomach burning like you mentioned. What did you do for this??? And how long did the stomach problems last for you?

  • Crystal

    I have been on Viibryd for 4 weeks now. At first, it really helped my mood. I had more energy and cleaned house daily and was happy. Now, that I am on a higher dose. I feel like I am always thirsty and feel I cannot breathe properly. Perhaps, that is the 40mg I am on. Maybe, I cannot handle the higher dosage. I am also on epileptic medicines. I am taking depekote, tegretol and lamictal. I need to go back to the dr and see if a lower dosage is better for me.

  • Jenna

    Anyone experience high blood pressure?

  • Tracie

    I have been on for over a year. I have brain zaps if I don’t take it at the same time everyday. I have had four episodes of sleep paralysis and going to call doctor in the am. Tonight I had some hallucination and freaked me out.i finally woke up by yelling and realized nothing was happening. At first the head zaps were worth the trade off but not after tonight.

    • Miranda

      I get these also. I am currently getting off the medication.

  • Melissa

    I am on day two of the 10mg, just started this medication and all I want to do is sleep. Does or did anyone else feel this why starting out?

    • Heather

      Yes! Me too, I am on 40mg now and I take it at night because it makes me so sleepy! The dreams I have feel so vivid and real too! The diarrhea and even more frequent urination is worse too! I also feel like there is music playing inside of my head when I dream… I hope that doesn’t happen to you too! My heart also just pounds about a half hour after taking it, and when I wake up. The dizziness adds to my already dizziness from my MS, wish I could go back on my Celexa, but my neurologist switched me, because I cried at my last appointment. Wish I would have had the guts to advocate for myself and say No sometimes! Best of luck to you!

    • martuco

      I started at 5mg for 7 days then increased to 10mg. At both doses, I have had days where all I want to do is sleep, and I have slept most of the day. the next day, I feel find. The sleepy days are every other day, if I do get the sleep. if I don’t, i’m sleepy every day.

  • Erika

    I am 25 years old and my doctor put me on viibryd yesterday for what he believes may be fibromyalgia. I was fine with my first dose yesterday, but today I’m having the worst stomach pains I think I’ve ever had in my life.Does anyone have any suggestions, as far as should I stay on this medication, or try and get switched to something else?

  • Anthony

    I was diagnosed with PTSD and Bi-P affect with depression. I am 50 now and I would say I have been fighting this since I was 7? I have been on every anti-depressant “literally” over that time. A year ago? my GP put me on Viibryd. I also have been in a car wreck and suffer from chronic low back sciatic nerve pain and Diabetes 2 ; I was getting steroid / anti inflam shots in my lower back injury sight about 1 time every 2 months with very little relief with Oxyco or Hydro or pain patch. When I started Viibryd I was weening off of Lexapro and on the starter pack. After 2 weeks my back pain had all but dissipated and my soc anx lessened to the point I could be around people in public /crowds. After 1 month my overall sad and generally hopeless outlook had improved a great deal. Since that time it has leveled off and I would say I am mildly depressed 100% of the time which is workable because before Viibryd I was basically bed ridden and home bound.

    To those complaining of stomach issues eat before you dose.
    I have slight itchiness and mainly on my legs.
    Brain zaps. Not painful like it sounds but more like hitting your funny bone type sensation that just happens to be at the base of your skull and travels thru your body.
    Psychosis : watching myself have dreams. I have also noticed there is some sub space in between where you know your dreaming ? I have had one very very bad psychotic night terror combined with paralysis. I had they worst sense of dread. Imagine your in a calm water in the Indian Ocean and a dorsal fin of a Great White is 12 feet away and coming at you. I couldn’t yell, speak or move and I knew I was having a nightmare but I could not remove myself from it. This was caused from missing two days of 40mg. If I die I pray to God I don’t feel that dread before I do.

    I have lost weight and inches. I was a 44″ to 46″ waist and now am 32 to 34″ I was 240 lb and now am 175 at 5’8″
    No blurred vision unless I stare at this PC all day.

    Sexual side effects: I can orgasm! My libido is very high even after 20 years of marriage and 4 kids. I either have sex and masturbate at least once a day or walk around hopelessly horny.

    No nausea sweating Hershey Squirts or Insomnia but given the PTSD and Bi-Pol I can still go 72 hrs with no sleep @ the the snap of a finger.

    • Pitmom

      Thanks Anthony, you are one of the few positive response’s I’ve heard. Maybe it’s our age or positive attitude? I have only been on 10mg for three days now and I feel great. Some Hershey and Vivid dreams but nothing major so I’ll see what happens as I increase I hope it help me as well with getting some extra pd’s off. I truly believe positive thinking helps all situations if you go in Negative that’s the result your going to get, your setting yourself up for failure…. remember that people : )

  • Miranda

    I have been on this for close to a year. It helped at first and increased my sex drive a lot. I felt great.. However, I have crazy dreams that I cant feel like I am waking up from, the withdraws and brain fog when the meds are missed or taking at the wrong times… The side effects are Horrible now. :0(

  • Nick

    I just started week 3 with the 40 mg dosage and I am done taking this product. Too many negative side effects. I have spells of 5 to 6 hours a day of being very tense and anxious (i flinch when my cell phone goes off), most of the day I am in a very foggy mindset and my memory is just shot, in the evenings when I try to relax I get intense Restless Leg Syndrome that lasts for a few hours. Also even while taking ambien I am having difficulty sleeping. Ive elected to stop taking this drug immediately. None of this was mentioned when the drug was prescribed and when I explained the side effects to the doctor at my follow up visit he was pretty dismissive. Reinforcing my disdain for the western medicine culture of just throwing a pill at something and hoping for the best.

  • viibryd

    i took viibryd for two and a half weeks. after experiencing suicidal thoughts on the drug, my stupid counselor told me to completely cut off (cold turkey). the following days worsened. probably the worst idea ever to cold turkey this drug. i was going through random crying spells and fits of rage for absolutely no reason. felt like i couldnt handle anything anymore and wanted to end it all. didnt care about anything. felt in a fog, and physically weak. after the suicidal concerns i was almost hospitalized by family, counselor, and then myself because i couldnt take life anymore. i knew this wasnt me, i researched the withdrawal symptoms. i am on day five of being off. i went to gnc and got some other medications to help with the withdrawal issues. i am no longer feeling suicidal, but feel sick and weak. brain zaps are absolutely no fun, and its hard for me to smile. i just want to go back to the old me where i was just sad, not this terrible monster that i have become. i wake up everyday to a headache, and just feel out of body and mind. its like they say, you feel drunk or high when you havent used anything at all. does anyone know how long it will take to get out of system??

  • Blah

    Ive been taking it for about a year, after two weeks I really noticed a change it was huge for the first 4 months, I felt like a new person. After that I noticed that it was increasingly losing it’s effectiveness. Right now it feels like Im on nothing, deep depression. It’s been hard to get through work and be motivated.. Going to talk to my doctor this Friday and see what he says and see what he can do.

    • Mary

      So, what did your Dr. Recommend? What medication are you on now?
      Thanks in advance

  • Please read the fine print

    60 yr old professional female who had never taken any ADs or anxiety meds in my life. When my mother passed away I got a little down and told my pcp. He gave me a sample pack of viibryd. Three months later my mind and body are shot to hades. Side effects within days were horrendous but doc said give it time. I experienced constant diarrhea, could mentally nor physically get out of bed for two weeks, burning pain in muscles and joints, brain zaps, constant crying, sleep paralysis, anxiety, suicidal, jaw became stiff, excellerated anxiety with two trips to the ER with panic attacks, created intense anger, head in fog and balance was off. Fell twice. The worst part is that my memory has gone. i go to work and have to write everything down because I cannot remember from minute to minute, brain freezes in the middle of a sentence and this drug has made me feel there is no need to go on in this condition. Have weaned off but a lot of these side effects still remain. I have had to see a neurologist and ENT to begin the road back. Almost lost my job as a result and lost wages which is minimal compared to what this drug has done to my health. I pray that anyone being given this drug will evaluate their quality of life prior to putting this in your system and I hope doctors pay more attention to drug reactions…..mine did not and acted like he did not have time for me in my last appointment. I do not think I will ever get over this. Please please please be cautious when you start this drug and if you experience any bad side effects contact your doctor immediately.

  • Alexandria

    I had Serotonin Syndrome with Viibryd. I had to go to the hospital…all they could do was advice to immediately cut the 40mgs to 20mgs and see my doctor. I am down to 5mgs and almost ready to stop completely. I experienced, weight gain, nightmares, brain zap, irritability, constantly wanting to sleep, but the worse are the sweats…even though I have cut down to 5mgs from 40mgs I am still getting excessive sweating and sometimes with chills….the sweating has been going on since July and here it is going into September and I am still getting sweats. While I have stomach problems and nausea with this drug, I haven’t had itching. As for sex..I am too tired with the flu like symptoms to even try. I hate this medicine and I am going back to organic supplements.

  • Sabrina G

    I’d been on Prozac and Xanex for about three years for depression and anxiety disorder. I had them both under control though I was taking the Xanex to sleep which I was told was fine by my first doctor. Then I moved and had to switch Doctors and I was still doing fine until my fiance and I decided to get married in four months and I was really stressed out about dealing with that, college and we run a business so she switched me to Viibryd and gave me a higher Xanex to take if needed. I didn’t really want to stop taking Prozac because it was working and I’d been good for so long. My dr told me to try this since it’s supposed to help with Anxiety and depression. She told me to start the the first 2 weeks on 20 so I wouldn’t withdraw from my Prozac. I’ve been on it about a month and I am extremely depressed, I got lost at my college today, I keep tripping over and walking into things and I can’t remember anything. I’ve also been having slight hallucinations, weird thoughts, delusions, and my anxiety is through the roof and the Xanex doesn’t seem to work anymore. I hate this stuff, I don’t have time to deal with this and it’s all I’ve been able to do to go to class.

  • Elizabeth

    I am surprised to see how many bad experiences people have had with Viibryd. This drug has been My doctor started me on it about 2 weeks ago. I saw her because I was having extreme and constant anxiety. She also prescribed Xanax for extreme episodes, and I’ve only had to take 2 so far, because the Viibryd has been working so well. She suggested Viibryd and I was very hesitant especially since it’s such a new drug, plus I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for 15 years and it has always worked great until the past year when I started to feel extremely anxious and nervous. The thought of taking 2 antidepressants just scared me and I hate the idea of becoming dependent on pills. I am still only taking the 10mg after 2 weeks because she gave me 2 starter packs, but I have already noticed its benefits. I don’t yet feel the need to up the dosage because I feel it working already. I never experienced any nausea or vomiting at the beginning, which is a very common side effect of the drug. I also have not (yet) experienced nightmares or crazy dreams on it. It seems that people either love or hate this drug. I love it. And I’ve also tried other antidepressants such as Zoloft and Lexapro. Zoloft just made me feel numb and Lexapro didn’t work at all and I also gained weight. I just hope Viibryd doesn’t lose its effectiveness after time because so far it seems to be a great fit. Plus I have noticed an increase in libido which my partner and I have enjoyed as an added benefit 🙂

  • terra

    My vision was HORRIBLE after just 3 weeks- I went off- it’s been 2 weeks and I still can’t see straight. It’s hard to type with blurred fogg vision- I am super heslthy youn 30’s and eyes were checked motnhs ago. I am worried this is permanent and no one has answers, not the doc, not the company (they won’t tell me), not the FDA- it’s a nightmare. DON’T GO ON THIS. forget the terrifying horrible nightmares- memory issues, etc- but my eyes are f-d up and i am freaking out. Anyone have this persist?

    • Jade10

      How is your vision now????? Experiencing similar problems. How long did this vision problem last?

    • karm

      you are so rite

  • Rae

    I took 2 doses of Viibryd and had terrible side effects. In the beginning of the third day I actually thought it was working because I felt more at ease and not worrying about everything that has been bothering me lately. However, into more than half of the 3rd day I started having paranoia, voices, extreme panic, irritability, dry mouth, i could not sit still and had a major headache. I decided no more. I stopped taking it thinking because I only had 2 pills I wouldnt have to wean. Well the next day was hell…all the above symptoms and increased depression. Ive tried so many SSRI, and always tell whoever is prescribing I have adverse side effects and shouldnt take them, but they insist that each one is different.. They are all the same to me..dangerous and they make me 100x worse. Not sure how Ill deal with the depression and mood swings but atleast I wont have all this other stuff going on in my head.

  • It works for me…..been on for nearly 2 months.

    • CLU

      wait till you miss a dose, you’ll find out how horrible this drug is.

  • Sheila Pranschke

    I had a “brain bleed”. I took the medicine for 11 days and 2 times I got shaky and disoriented. On the 11th day, I took the medicine and within 10 minutes I was freaking out. I felt disoriented and shaky. I went to hospital and they said I was allergic to the medicine. 3 days later I still felt awful and found out I had a “brain bleed” stroke. It has cause a “on fire” sensation on my whole left side. It occurred on 12/9/13 and the burning numbness is still there. It is extremely painful. I have not found enough research to start a lawsuit

  • Beth

    Have been off viibryd for 3 days and my blood pressure is back to normal. It was way up with viibryd. Have lost alot of hair too. Very tired, depressed and anxious when on it and alot of weird dreams. Feel better after just 3 days. I give my GOD all the credit, as we are all in His hands. Thanks.

  • Brittney Landis

    I stopped taking viibryd over a year ago because I was forgetting everything. After a year of being off of it, I still have a lot of trouble remembering things. Please, if you are conserdring viibryd dont do it. Im 28 years old and cant remember a thing :/

    • Melissa

      do you still have this issue ?? Ive been off of it for a year as well and I have yet to regain my short term memory back… its so bad I was demoted from a management position

  • rmbs

    It works differently on each individual. Some love it– some hate it. For me, I liked it. At least I think I did. I could not tolerate any of the other’s I tried. At least I could tolerate this one. I simply do not want to be on medication all the time anymore. Three years was enough. I gained a great deal of weight, but I am not sure it was from Viibryd– it could just be from living life and facing so much stress and disappointments in life (ya know)?Also had a lot of diarrea, but always sort of had that anyway (again, stress and turmoil). I think Viibryd saved my life, at a time when my world was falling apart. Things aren’t much better today really, but at least the Viibryd took the edge off and helped me to get up each morning (or afternoon)– but I am still here (most would have crumbled and died at what I was facing). So, all in all I am thankful for Viibryd. Am trying to to get off of it now (after three years at 40 mg a day). I have the dizzy spells and such, but that is to be expected with most antidepressants you get off– especially if you’ve been on them for as long as I have been. I wish me luck!

  • stacie

    My husband has just start this medication and he is feeling all of the side effects. I was wondering if it would help taking at night?

  • Woofer McWooferson

    I experienced seriously bad reactions. In addition to everything listed above, I also experienced severe suicidal tendencies and ended up losing my job over it. I am trying to find a class action lawsuit against this drug. Please contact me if you know of one.

  • CLU

    I’m on 20s and a single missed dose has extreme horrible reactions, including worse thoughts and actions then I had before ever taking the drug. This drug is extremely dangerous and a drug. I would consider this to be a lock in drug, as once you start taking you are locked into it or face serious consequences if you miss a dose or stop. I hope they company pays for their serious lack of testing and/or serious side effects.

  • blufxx

    All of these drugs affect each person differently- if you are just being prescribed this med don’t let all the bad reviews scare you away. This med literally saved my life. It pulled me out of a depressive episode so deep that it probably would have gotten the better of me. It has also greatly helped with my anxiety. I have been on it since the month it came out. Just like any SSRI some people tolerate them, others don’t- if you’re hurting and the doctor thinks it may help, give it a chance.

  • I have been on this drug since Dec 2013. At first, the first 3 months went great but now I am experiencing stomach pains on the left side. Anyone have this?



  • I’m working my way off this stupid drug….I hate it now. Will be going on Zoloft.

  • Tyler Davis

    I’ve been on viibryd for 6 months and I love it! It has changed my life! I don’t procrastinate as much, I love life. I use to self medicate with drinking and drugs. I don’t even want to do those things anymore because I feel so good. It does mess with my stomach in the morning when I take it but if you eat a little It doesn’t mess with me or cause dirrerea. It does give you a little boost so I would take it when you get up or shortly after not before you’re about to go to bed. I ve tried other anti-depressants, and I love viibryd. I’ve had depression my whole life. It’s like a miracle!!!

  • Maddy

    This drug is so horribly mislabeled
    it should be called The pill of Maddness it’s just awful that this is even out on the market!

    I’ll tell you what happened to me, just know some parts may be graphic.. I just want to be honest with everyone about what happened to me.

    So I started out taking 10 mg one week then 20 the next and then 40 mg

    As soon as I was on 40 Mg I noticed weird things happening to me..
    I was freezing all the time
    I had stomach pains headaches and basically all the normal side effcts, it wasn’t until that night that I would have stranger things happen. So I go to sleep, normal day whatever.. and as I’m falling asleep I see a burnt young girl with a white vintage dress standing over me, I thought I was asleep maybe but I get up and can feel the blankets on my bed So I knew it was real, I was so horrified by what I saw and what was happening to me but I didn’t bother to tell anyone at this point due to not wanting to scare myself or others I just kinda blew it off.. So I meet this boy and I quickly fall for him… I was in love for the first time (I thought) I was having such terrible delusions I thought he coould see into my life or that he would be walking down the street that I lived on, so I would go outside atleast 10x a day thinking this boy would be there all while sending him texts (which he never said Hey I’m coming down your street) I literally thought he would just be there, everywhere I went was a possible chance of seeing this boy. I also thought he was into black magic and put a spell on me since I had never fallen for anyone like that in my life…. I literally cried everynight for 6 months straight over this kid…. because things didn’t work… I cried ALOT more than I should have and felt literal heart breaking pain FOR SIX MONTHS!!! But anyways let’s go back to the begining where I had the first hallucination, I was so terrified I just stayed awake all night the next odd thing I notices is that macabre things made me super happy… I was addicted to looking at body parts and dissected people people being killed and horror and gore. I have never felt joy from any of these things before… It wasn’t until I took the med that I started getting strange thoughts of hurting others… So everyday for about 3 months I went on tumblr and updated my horrific macabre page. I was suddenly interested in devilish things…. And I was braught up christain… But the pills altered my mind so horribly that I actually contemplated killing this boy who wronged me so terribly… My conscious was pretty much non existent. I immediatly stopped talking to my parents as they were in North Dakota and I was in Washington (they were in the process of getting to washington it’s a long story) We typically talked when I was on the 10 mg and 20mg. We talked every night. But it was like I felt a need to just be distant from my loved ones because I felt Paranoid… like they would know what I was up too. I didn’t want anyone to know I had planned a murder and am obbsessed with macabre images. I was so manic I used to throw rice off the balcony… and come up with potions and spells and crap xD I was so loopy… I was at school (GED) and I told a girl that I eat dead people…. I didn’t know why I said it I just did and she kinda looked at me funny then ignored me after that. My parents were getting worried since I wouldn’t call them.. so my mom arranged to make a trip, so I was living with my grandparents at the time since they lived where I wanted to be and anyways This is all within a short amount of time she arranged a trip, comes down. and within those last 3 days I got NO Sleep due to horrible tremmors and night mares so horrific I don’t want to speak about it. So basically what I am getting at is that all throughout my med process with these meds I barley got any sleep, I’d sleep maybe 2 times out of the week.So I decided to sleep the night before my mom came so I wouldn’t look like the wrath and as soon as I wake up I am bomarded with all these ideas that seemed amazing at the time. but in reality it didn’t make much sense, so I was fixated on time bending and How I could teach myself to do it and finding the answers to the world. I had a delusion that my grandparents some how had the knowledge to set me free.I thought that if I could just figure this out I could go to the next place god wants me to be at. I was so tripped out that I didn’t even go to pick up my mom… I just sat on the couch waiting super paranoid that she would find out that there was something wrong with me…. so she arrived and where all sitting down talking and enjoying eachothers company when all of a sudden I see something crawling out the corner of my eye I screamed and jumped (oddly my mom had already knew there was something wrong) So when my grandoarents asked what was wrong my mom quickly replied oh she’s just a little freaked out and made it blow over…. but when it was just me and her I had told her about this boy and how he injected me with evilness and how I could Bend time using space and the speed of light… In her mind she knew what had to be done but we just slept that night and watched the new alice in wonderland, Watching that movie in that state of mind is something I’ll never forget personally… it was one of the coolest things ever. But anyways I was so addicted to these macabre immages that I knew if I slipped up my mom would know there was something wrong with me and she’d take me off my meds… I was literally addicted to my own madness It was a good feeling… But a bad feeling at the same time there were pros and cons but the cons out weighed the pros sadly. So She talks to me the next day and says “Grampa showed me your tumblr he told me to take it in to doctors” At this point I kinda just confessed and told her I wanted to kill people. right after we went to Childrens hospital (I was 17 at the time) I threatened to kill the doctors family due to not having a bed for me…. I desolately needed to be addmitted to a hospital But we just went home due to all the conflict down at childrens….. we go to my local doctor a day or two later and they took me off the pills immediately due to saratonin syndrome. so PLEASE people Don’t take this med… It really fucked me up :/ I can’t that’s the person I was 1 year ago…

  • Meatball

    Has anyone experienced late or missed periods while taking viibryd?

  • junebugged

    I have been on Viibryd for over 3 months and want off ASAP. Weight gain, uncontrollable sweet cravings, scattered thou thoughts, chest pain, and I missed one day very early on without knowing until next day. It was a nightmare day. I have told Dr. about cravings and weight gain and she brushed it off. My sleep is also affected. I take something to help me sleep and still wake up several times and can’t stop picking my skin.

  • Mark L. Melcho

    Tell me about sleep paralysis. I have experienced something to that effect. My vision is rapidly deteriorating. Eye doc said I have cataracts, but I think it’s the Viibryd. I stopped taking it for about 3 months and was doing fine until school started. I was given out of date samples from my doc because my insurance refused to pay for it. I also have a bad ringing in my ears all the time. Does anyone else have these side effects. I’m taking 20mg. Now. The 40mg. Is ridiculously potent for me.

  • May

    When I first started taking this I was little more sad and anti social than usual. I thought it was just because of January blues, since I wasn’t that much more depressed. Then after day three of the 20 mg tablets, I suddenly became very depressed. I was sobbing hysterically over 10 times a day, I couldn’t eat, I wanted to die, I even cut myself. I stopped taking the meds and after three days I was fine again.

  • Lynn B.

    During the 6 months I have been on 10 mgs of Viibryd, I have packed on 17 lbs, have zero sex drive (possibly from the weight gain, because I still have sexual dreams) and have decided to wean off this drug. When I first started Viibryd, my doctor reassured me that Viibryd wouldn’t cause weight gain/sexual side effects. Over the course of 6 months, I have slowly gained weight and feel horrible about my appearance. Whenever I mention my side effects to my doctor, she always says “Well, you’re feeling better, so what’s a little weight gain?” I swear she knew I’d gain weight because she told me not to Google Viibryd (I did anyhow), but I decided to give it a chance.

    I am now convinced that every time Big Pharma develops a new, unpatented antidepressant, they claim “No weight gain/sexual side effects!!!”, because they KNOW they can get doctors to push this new, expensive med, before the ugly truth slowly gets around. They also KNOW that those 2 major issues are most patient’s biggest concerns!!! LIES!!!

    Twenty years ago, I believed my doctor when he said the same exact things about Prozac. After 2 years of gaining at least 25 lbs, craving carbs like a maniac, and feeling like a munic zombie, I decided to search for the truth, and lo and behold, I found many other people having the same experience!!!! Sick of the lies, and now I will only try something that has been around for a while with well-known, documented side effects. I am tired of feeling like a guinea pig and being told “It’s not a listed side effect, so something else is going on with you”.

    Besides all the unwanted side effects, I will admit that my mood, OCD and anxiety have been at a manageable level. In fact, I finally feel normal!!! Too bad the side effects aren’t worth it to me, as I am married and wish to stay married, and I take pride in my appearance. Right now I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror/ photos!!!! 🙁

  • Tam W

    I was feeling better at first. A few months into treatment I started having night sweats. If I could sleep, I would have nightmares. I thought some demons were holding me down

  • sje39

    I am on day 2, yes day 2…and its actually only a day and a half and I am going to stop taking it. I have had nausea, increased headaches and in a fog. It was by reading the below comments that it made sense…yes it feels like I am coming off of being stoned. I am horrified at the withdraw symptoms, so being as new as I am to this, I am going off of it now.

  • Karen

    3 weeks into starting…***This drug is awful. Within 3 weeks of taking I hurt so bad it was difficult to even walk. Dr. encouraged continuation- that symptoms should lessen. Couldn’t force myself. Stomache really hurt bad & started loosing blood & went to hospital on cruise ship. Bad dreams…Then I woke up & apx 6 fingers had jumped out of socket. I cant bend my thumb anymore. I started losing a lot of blood &was in the hospital for 3 days. AND NOW my left eye has swollen up 2x size of other. They are fast tracking for an MRI looking for a tumour behind eye or on brain. This stuff should be illegal!

  • Nancy Chambers

    Viibyrd is of the devil. I gained weight, I was sick to my stomach, diarrhea, loss of vision & concentration, Brain zaps, my speech was slurred, I lost interest in sex, I had joint pain.. mostly legs and arms.. I had crying spells, I had night terrors along with hallucinations, I had outburst of angry spells. severe… I sweated all the time. Days I couldn’t walk. Days I couldn’t get out of bed. I got to where it wasn’t safe to drive. I had memory loss. Some things I’m sure I’ve forgotten. I have them written down at home. I was just browsing while on vacation..

  • Mandy

    I’ve been on 10 mg for 2 days and I’m extremely tired all the time, but still can’t sleep. I feel like I’m in a daze, numb, have a tingling feeling on the left side of my head. My left pupil was very dilated too. Has anyone else experience this too. If so did these symptoms go away and how long did it take to go away? I also take 10 mg of Adderall twice a day and I’ve been on it for years and never had a problem.

  • Me

    Viibryd is one of the worst things to ever happen to me. Sleep Paralysis, Brain Zaps, insomnia… My husband is a doctor and sat with me on the phone with my PCP as I cried, telling her what was happening to me and her telling me I couldn’t just stop it cold turkey. Look all over the internet. Look at YouTube and Forums. Viibryd tears some people apart. I wanted a little help for anxiety and my world stopped until I was several weeks post-Viibryd.

  • Jeannette

    HELP! OFF of Viibryd for about a month and I don’t feel normal… I have been off of Viibryd for almost a month now.. I was on 20mg at one point, but I couldn’t sleep. I think it gave me SSRI syndrome. So my Dr put me on 10mgs of Viibryd. It seem to level me out. I suffer from anxiety, GAD, and OCD, that I have controlled with my own cognitive therapy.. I just need a boost from feeling down. I was having major sexual side effects, so to save my relationship or to help it I stopped. Now I feel like everything is so overwhelming.. I feel like all my thoughts are intense and if people don’t understand me I have major anxiety. It’s like my OCD is kicking me in the butt with over thinking everything! I have very bad mood swings and get angry easy! I NEED HELP! IS THE VIIBRYD STILL IN MY SYSTEM? DOES IT HAVE A LASTING AFTERMATH OR EFFECTS? WILL THESE INTENSE FEELING GO AWAY? I JUST WANT TO FEEL CALM AND NORMAL. I TAKE 2MGS OF clonazepam as needed (can take up to 3 a day 6mgs, but I don’t) I want off that drug as well! Ugg! SINCE I STOPPED VIIBRYD I JUST DON’T FEEL NORMAL… I WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NATURAL… BUT HAS ANYONE ELSE FELT THIS WAY WHILE GETTING OF OF VIIBRYD ? AND WILL THESE FEELING GO AWAY? HELP! I shouldn’t of not starting taking it, I was not this bad prior to taking it…

    • craig

      Hi Jeannette, Im having the same problems. can you tell me if you ever got better from stop the viibryd? Thanks.

  • steven shovlin

    I have been on Viibryd for 3 years now. I am autistic, and have PTSD with certain things in my past. I have gained weight (20 lbs) since taking it. Other than that I have the mild symptoms of diarrhea. The weight gain has leveled out, and I haven’t gained more. No other known side effects. Let me tell you what this drug has done for me (not to mention in my past I have been on everything from liquid codeine, to Lithium). No drug has helped me until Viibryd. Before all I used to feel was anger. Complete anger. I would get angry meeting people. I would get angry talking to people. I would get angry going shopping. And to sum it up: I would be angry at everything and everyone! When I started to take Viibryd, I felt several different “highs” so to speak (like smoking weed). After 2 weeks of the 40mg it all panned out, then I started to notice something I never noticed before! Intricate emotions. Behind being happy, I could feel confused, lonesome, giddy, and all sorts of other delicate emotions I did not have before. Also, I used to never calm down. I would have a constant adrenaline rush 24/7 from things that made me angry. Now, I can feel the anger rise, and fall off, and a point when I can calm down. Before I would never come down from the rise of my anger. It would just keep feeding itself continuously. Those that are having such a bad time on it, then here are some thoughts: 1) Do you really have a problem, or is life just hard? Know that you probably don’t need to be medicated if this isn’t a debilitating situation that you are in. 2)If the medicine isn’t working then your diagnosis is probably off, and you need a second opinion. Usually medicine is night and day for people with the mental symptoms of that medicine. 3) Is it all in your head because you read something or heard of a defect? It’s really easy for me not to be persuaded into over thinking things because I’m autistic, so if there are warnings, just because I read it doesn’t mean my brain will make it happen. But…. a lot of people are like that, so are you tricking yourself into thinking something is wrong, or is the drug really not working? Also you have to ask yourself, if the drug’s side effects are so bad that you don’t want to be on it, then is the problem in itself that bad? I know I deal with the side effects, because I simply can’t live without this drug a single day. Bad things happen, so I deal with the weight gain, insomnia, headaches, chronic diarrhea, because there is no other drug out there like this one, and THIS drug is the only one that has worked for me!

  • Lil’ Kitten Girl

    Has anyone experienced crippling headaches on Viibryd? I missed one dose and I can barely function because of the pain.

  • Linda

    My husband, age 52, has been on this horrid medication for over a year. I am trying desperately to get him to talk to his doctor about decreasing it back down to 20mg due to the sexual side effects…that being absolutely NO desire for it. He has bad dreams every night to the point that he has clobbered me a couple of times because he was fighting with someone in his dreams. He’s also beginning to develop hand tremors which, as an electrician, this isn’t a good thing. He also gets up several times during the night and will spend 1-2 hrs watching tv because he cannot sleep.
    I would tell anyone and everyone who asks me about this medication…do NOT use it. It will cause more problems than it helps.

  • Jennifer

    I’ve felt pretty good emotionally (as long as I don’t miss my dose by more than 2 hours) but I’ve had some pretty unbearable side effects. It has messed up my digestion and I’ve had itching. God forbid, if I miss a dose entirely I’ve got a horrible, unreasonable temper. I’ve had some of the strange dreams as well. The worst thing is that it has made my minor psoriasis much worse and recently I broke out in an allergic rash all over my arms. It’s an ugly, red, hot, burning, itchy rash that doesn’t seem to want to go away. I’ve tried to find information on allergic sensitization related to Vibryyd but haven’t found much online. Once, I tried to taper off over a month. I went from my full dose, which is 20mg, down to 5mg but was miserable and it wasn’t easing up. I was becoming impatient with my kids and so I went back to 20mg. I’ve also gained weight, primarily in my abdominal region and no matter what I seem to do it won’t budge. This is NOT weight neutral for some people. Finally, my libido is down to almost nothing and my orgasms and MUCH less intense. I’m trying to figure out a way off and planning on going on the AIP program to heal but I feel that I need something to help me get off, particularly for the anxiety. 5-HTP or…?

  • Luanne

    I have struggled with depression off and on for 45 years and have tried quite a few of the SSRI meds, but their effectiveness always decreased after a few years. I started Viibryd a month ago (starter pack) and it was ok for the first 2 weeks, but then I began having vivid, intense dreams, woke up with brain fog and then a few days ago was the last straw: horrible dreams all night, and the following day a great deal of anxiety, agitation, depression and rage. I stopped the drug immediately but am still having these symptoms, although they are decreasing. I suffered none of the physical side effects others have mentioned. I did notice more energy later in the day and into the evening, which was nice, but certainly not worth the negatives. I’m now back on my old standby, Cymbalta.

  • Linda Wood


  • Joy

    I started Viibryd Nov 2014, things were fine until approx Sep 2015 when I started having problems with coping .I would explode on a regular basis when it wasn’t necessary. I tried coming off slowly but had problems with itching and feeling like my brain was scrambled .In April 2016 I saw a psychiatrist and over over the last three weeks have been weaning off and yesterday was first day I was completely off .I’m itchy again but not as bad, feels like bugs crawling on my skin and my face has broken out in a rash and I had been on a quarter of a pill for ten days. I am on Zoloft now instead, been on it for three weeks

  • Aimee Casper Pickett

    This is the drug from hell..I can’t do this anymore I called my doctor and will be switching. 🙁

  • Stephanie Hembree

    My mother had been on this drug for 2 months and had a massive stroke almost 4 weeks ago. She had been healthy, no high blood pressure. I strongly believe this drug was the cause of her stroke.

  • Mollie Brewsaugh

    My 19 year old daughter started taking Viibryd a few weeks ago for depression. At first, it seemed like it was working and she had some really good days. Then she started waking up with terrifying nightmares. Doc recommended a sleep aid and also taking it before bed. Over the next week, she developed first, a nervous tick, then full body jerking. Finally, she had a night where she was completely out of control – body jerking motions that she could not control every few minutes – head, legs, arms – it was terrifying. She started speaking like a person with severe autism. Repeating phrases, talking non-stop going from one topic to another in rapic succession – When her speech started to slur, I took her to the ER thinking she might be having a seizure. We stayed there overnight and after a dose of adavan (sp?) she was finally able to sleep. It’s been 4 days and she is still having occasional tremors, but definitely better. No more viibryd. This experience was over the top and I don’t know how many more days it will take to get back to “normal”.

    • karm

      I also have been taking this for months now and I am up tonight bc Iall night the zaps tremmors and nightmares have terrified me I dont know what to do im afraid of the tremmors lasting even if I get off them your poor daughter im glad she stoprd taking it

      • Mollie Brewsaugh

        It’s been a few months. She’s now on rexulti, but the jerking and slurring continues (much less frequently) but it’s not gone. We saw a neurologist… it’s not that. We’re trying to work through it. Thanks for asking. Hope you are better too, Karm.

        • karm

          I wish her the best 🙂 tnite is my first night without it do you know if the doses need to be cut of can I go cold turkey? My Dr. told me to quit it altogether but I am Terrified 🙁 thanks so much for the respon I will keep her in my prayers

          • Mollie Brewsaugh

            That’s what we did. I took her to the ER and the doc said discontinue immediately. She took adavan three times a day for a few days until she got calmed down. She’s somewhat better now, and taking a new drug called rexulti. Wish you the best!

  • Ellie

    I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks, I was previously on lexapro so my doctor moved me to 40mg daily immediately. Over the past three days I have been uncontrollably angry, as much as blocking my friend of 8 years on every form of social media even her phone numbers, saying things and doing things I wouldn’t normally do to others, and just feeling angry laying in bed. Being motivated is better than laying in bed all day, but not at the price of hurting others. On top of that, I’m having weird (not nightmares) dreams, and sleep paralysis which I haven’t had since I took cymbalta years ago. When I wake up in the morning, I stumble around until I can take the pills again, barely being able to type properly or balance myself on two feet. I can also not wake up without someone else doing it for me, and I will almost always yell at them for doing so. I’m weaning off of this drug and trying homeopathic management instead. Same with my benzos. No fucking more.

  • Jeannette

    I am better now, it took awhile. I am now on 10mg of Lexapro. I think that is all I need!

  • mom2mom2014

    This drug ruined my life. I have severe short term memory lose. I lost my job because of it and now I can’t get a job. No one wants to hire me because I forget everything.

  • LeShawn

    3 days on it so far it makes me feel foggy, much easier to zone out, that and I don’t really feel like me but atleast I’m not depressed right.

  • Sheri Keeney

    After starting on Viibryd 20mg, I noticed I was starting to lose hair, but I didn’t immediately connect the two. The longer I was on Viibryd, the hair began falling out in clumps, and to date I have probably lost half of the hair I had on my head. Hair loss is not a mentioned side effect, in any of the Viibryd literature, but since stopping it, the hair loss has slowed down some. It sucks, because mentally I feel fabulous, but I think I’d rather be depressed with a full head of hair…rather than feel fabulous mentally but be totally bald!

  • Debhubs

    I started Viibryd around 4months ago. I went into a hypo-manic state which I hadn’t have happen since starting Prozac in the 90’s. My Dr. diagnosed me as Bipolar 2 after my reaction to Viibryd! This makes me so angry because it’s the new MED that set this off! I’ve not had any manic episodes before except with the initial Prozac start up. I thought a Dr. couldn’t diagnose a person as bipolar if a new medication caused it??
    I’m fine now, this only lasted a few days. This med makes my Dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) worse as a lot of the SSRI do. Working well for me now as far as depression goes, when I feel anxious I add CBD oil/tinctures 15mg. Strength. Sometimes the CBD (hemp oil) helps with insomnia too. Makes my mood much more stable!

  • Stephen

    The scariest drug I’ve ever taken. The sleep paralysis made falling asleep something to dread every night. Sleep paralysis should be on the list of side effects. Not only paralysis after you wake up, but in your dreams preventing you from waking up.

  • michael

    this drug is horrible! i lost all my sexual functions! i cant have an erection or an orgasm anymore!

  • Juniella

    I thought it important to note my recent experience with Viibryd. I had been on another antidepressant (SNRI) which did not seem to work as well after I lost my husband, suddenly and unexpectedly. My doctor had been having some good results with Viibryd and prescribed it for me to try. I had been taking the daily dose for about three weeks with no real awareness of it. Then one day I began to feel very different. My sleep disorder worsened, my behavior became erratic, and I began to feel suicidal. Over a 24 hour period, these effects rapidly increased. I was doing things very out of character for me and was quite confused about what was happening to me. The next day, my suicidal thoughts were constant. I was struggling against repetitive thoughts to “end this hell now”. I can only describe the experience as second-by-second torture. At one point when it was time to take the next dose of Viibryd, something made me reconsider taking it. Instead, I looked up the side effects of Viibryd, both before and after marketing. I was alarmed to see that in two days I had developed more than 20 of the worst effects listed. From that, it appeared that Viibryd was causing my horrible and ongoing experience. I know that I had come very close to a suicide attempt. I struggled against it for hours, trying to remind myself about my loved ones. The next day after the first missed dose, I was somewhat better. It took about four days for the worst of those effects to stop. Worth noting, I have taken various antidepressant medications over the years for recurrent major depressive disorder. Although a few of them had unpleasant effects causing me to stop taking them, none came anywhere near Viibryd in the severity of the effects.