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Actos Trials: Justice for Victims with Bladder Cancer

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Along with thousands of other patients suffering from diabetes, 79 year old Jack Cooper had once been prescribed Type-2 Diabetes treatment Actos as a solution to his condition. Although approved by the FDA in 1999, patients and doctors became concerned over the safety of Actos after reported high-percentages of patients using the medication had developed bladder cancer. For Cooper, these concerns became a reality when healthcare professionals diagnosed him with bladder cancer in 2011. Shortly after, Cooper took manufacturers of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., to trial.

First Actos-Bladder Cancer Trial

As the first trial against Takeda for the risks associated with Actos, Cooper sought justice for all affected by the product. Cooper, along with his lawyer Michael Miller, filed the following claims:

  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co. had been aware of Actos and it’s properties thought to increase the risk of bladder cancer.
  • The corporation “downplayed” and misrepresented the side effects and risks of taking Actos.
  • Takeda did not release reports of adverse events nor studies showing the correlation between adverse events and Actos to the FDA.

Studies illustrate that Actos heightens the risk of bladder cancer and cardiovascular disorders. The product had even been taken off the market in France and Germany due to concerns related to these inherent risks. However, lawyers defending Takeda claimed that research has not confirmed a correlation between Actos and bladder cancer.

Results of the Actos-Bladder Cancer Trial

As the trial progressed, so had Cooper’s bladder cancer. According to doctors, the bladder cancer had metastasized, calling for an urgency in the lawsuit. After a seemingly endless 9 weeks, the trial concluded in granting $6.5 million to Plaintiff Jack Cooper on April 26, 2013.

While this had only been the first trial against Takeda, officials view these efforts as a step towards justice in cases of bladder cancer related to Actos. Over 3,000 similar lawsuits are still pending against the alleged bladder cancer inducing diabetes medication. In accordance with the verdict, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration now requires labels of Actos to emphasize the highly devastating risks connected to the medication.

If you or a loved one has suffered from bladder cancer or another adverse reaction related to Actos, get the help you deserve. Use our contact form to the right to receive assistance on how you can be compensated for your losses today.