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Why Bayer Continues to Distribute Blood Clots

Multibillion dollar company, Bayer, has continued to manufacture and distribute their infamous birth control, Yaz/Yasmin, despite the growing number of lawsuits endlessly filed against them. Although Bayer is aware of the side effects proposed by its users, the pharmaceutical giant refuses to admit that their drug is responsible for them.

Affordable amount of lawsuits

Bayer, well known for its aspirin, stands at a profit of roughly $3.774 billion and continues to collect revenue from their countless amount of products including Aleve, One-A-Day, and vitamins.

About 10,000 cases against Bayer criticizing the adverse side effects of Yaz such as gallbladder, blood clots, and DVT have been settled, marking Bayer’s settlement total around $24 million. Seems like a hefty chunk of change; so why doesn’t Bayer discontinue its production of Yaz and Yasmin. For a company with annual sales tallying $55.4 million, two of their best-selling products that have garnered their share of lawsuits isn’t “enough” for them to abort sales. Bayer maintains their innocence and swears that their product is not harmful when taken alone, but blood clot risks are increased when users mismanage their intake and use Yaz with other drugs.

Are you a Yaz/Yasmin user?

If you or a loved one has been affected by Yaz/Yasmin, contact an experienced attorney immediately to receive the legal representation and compensation you deserve.