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Byetta Pen | How to Set Up the Pen

The Byetta pen needs to be set up each time you get a new 30 day refill. The set up needs to be done properly for correct injection. Make sure to have the instruction manual that comes with the Byetta pen handy. Read the manual carefully before proceeding to injection.

Be informed of the serious side effects and warnings that are listed in the Byetta pen manual. There are also side effects that are a result of improper set up and inaccurate injections.

You only have to set up the pen when it is the first time using the pen.

byetta pen

Setting Up the Byetta Pen

Take hold of the pen with the needle end pointing to your left.   The label should indicate the pen is prescribed to you. Next, pull the blue cap off of the needle end. The Byetta pen liquid (exenatide) needs to be clear. Check the liquid for discoloration and any particles. A small air bubble is common.

Attaching the Needle

The needle will be enclosed in a plastic needle shield. Remove the paper tab, holding onto the shield. With the cap on, push the needle straight onto the pen and twist it towards you until it is tight. Next, pull off the plastic cover and keep it for when you throw away the needle. Pull off the inner needle shield and throw it away.

Once the Needle is On

You will see an arrow in the dosage window that should be pointing right, towards the dose number printed on the pen. If there is not an arrow in the dose window, turn the white does knob away from you until it stops and the arrow is pointing right. The dose knob will click in place.

The arrow will show you want to do next. Next, pull the dose knob out. Then, an arrow pointing away from you will show in the window. Follow by turning the knob in the direction the arrow is pointing, which should be away from you. Stop turning when you see a dose number in the window.

Byetta Pen Almost Ready Byetta Pen

With the needle pointing up and way from you,  slowly press the dose knob with your thumb and count to five. You should see some Byetta liquid come out of the pen.If some Byetta does not come out of the needle, repeat the set up with the same needle up to tree more times.

If still not working, please refer to the manual or call customer service.

You will not have to setup the pen again until you get a new Byetta pen at your next refill in 30 days.