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Dupilumab Brings Hope to Asthma Patients

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Doctors describe asthma as a chronic inflammatory disease most often triggered by allergies to antibodies in the body. The condition can result in devastating side effects such as sleep apnea, emergency room visits, coughing, and difficulty breathing. More importantly, asthma leads to a decreased quality of life. Unfortunately, this debilitating respiratory condition has become increasingly more common, with approximately 34 million Americans alone suffering from asthma.

New Breakthroughs With Dupilumab

dupilumabRecent research and experiments demonstrate that a new asthma medication called dupilumab, could be a remedy for patients with uncontrolled asthma.  This treatment, developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, has performed exceedingly well in tests. Patients who had been treated with dupilumab experienced a decrease in asthma attacks by nearly 87% in comparison to patients who had received a placebo medicine. Developers claim that this medication blocks the actions of the proteins interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 which are thought to cause allergies in the body and induce asthma.

With one out of every five sufferers of asthma unable to control their condition with existing medications, this breakthrough is more than encouraging. If dupilumab proves to be a successful treatment, patients will benefit from less frequent asthma attacks and trips to the emergency room, as well as a decreased need for fast-acting inhalants.

The Future of Dupilumab

While dupilumab may present a bright future for victims of uncontrolled asthma, the medication is still in the works. Pharmacists and researchers must determine proper dosing of the medicine to ensure that the product will work effectively and safely for patients in the future. In this process, researchers at Sanofi will be conducting a two-year study of doses in order to determine adequate dosage amounts. Chief scientist at Regeneron George Yancopoulos feels hopeful for the possibilities of dupilumab as a reliable treatment for patients with uncontrolled asthma.