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Energizer Holdings Announces Banana Boat Product Withdrawal

Banana Boat products have been a reliable source of skin protection from sun damage. However, Energizer Holdings Inc.’s recent announcement to withdraw some of these products from the U.S. market may say otherwise. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, certain Banana Boat continuous sprays may be dangerous and be flammable when the product has not completely absorbed into the skin and comes in contact with an ignition source.

banana boat continuous sport spray mistEnergizer Holdings Inc. has removed these Banana Boat products because they feel that the items may be hazardous for customers. According to the manufacturer, the sunscreen products release a mist through small openings from a mister to be sprayed onto the skin; however, during the manufacturing process these holes had been made too large. This flaw has resulted in the dispensing of too much sunscreen, making it more difficult for the product to fully absorb into the skin.

Since the release of these products, four cases of serious, adverse reactions have been reported. The FDA has been notified that these cases involve Banana Boat SPORT Ultramist SPF 30 and 50 sunscreens and have resulted in ignition and burning of the skin. Energizer Holdings Inc. encourages users of Banana Boat products to continue to use caution when using sunscreen. Consumers should not smoke or use ignition sources around sunscreen or use the continuous sprays around flames.

If you have any of the products that have been withdrawn, do not use the products. Contact Energizer by calling Consumer Affairs at 1-800-SAFESUN (or 1-800-723-3786).Withdrawals from the market include but are not limited to a range of Banana Boat Ultra Mist Sport sprays, Banana Boat Ultra Mist Kids sprays and Banana Boat Sport UltraMist with Sport Lip Balm. To view a complete list of removed items, see www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm324824.htm.

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