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Epinephrine Injection Recall

Epinephrine injection, USP, 1:1000, 1mL ampules, lot #1395, has been recalled by American Regent due to discoloration and small, visible particles. The prefilled injection devices are to be injected into the thigh only in the event of an oncoming or current serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

Epinephrine is a sympathomimetic agent used to combat the muscle tightness and respiratory distress associated with severe allergic reactions. Unfortunately, the contingencies that may arise in the event of subcutaneous injection of the bad epinephrine include disruption of blood flow within the capillaries in the lungs, thereby compounding an already unpleasant respiratory event.

Injecting a solution that contains particles may also damage muscle and adipose tissues at the injection site and granulomas may form as a result.

This epinephrin injection recall is the third recall initiated by American Regent in 2012. Others include Phenylephrine HCl Injection and Cyanocobalamin Injection.

The epinephrine injection was distributed to wholesalers and retailers across the nation. Anyone in possession of the affected lot should quarantine the product for return and call American Regent’s customer service line at 1-800-788-3232