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Experts Test Byetta on Parkinson’s Patients

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While Byetta (exenatide) and other incretin mimetics have fallen under much scrutiny for their possible cancer-causing qualities, Cure Parkinson’s Trust recently devoted funding to determine the effects of exenatide on patients with Parkinson’s disease. Published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the study suggests that type-2 diabetes medication, Byetta (exenatide) may actually reduce the complications involved in Parkinson’s disease. But is there a catch?

Exenatide and Parkinson’s Syndrome Study

According to the experiment, 44 patients with Parkinson’s disease participated in the study. 20 persons received exenatide injection treatments, while the remaining 22 persons continued regular therapies. The trial was conducted for a 14 month period until finally testing the patients’ Parkinson’s improvements. The results astounded analysts.

Experts say that on average, patients who had been treated with exenatide experienced a 2.7 point improvement as indicated on the MDS-UPDRS scale. On the other hand, patients who had not received exenatide suffered from worsening symptoms. The graph below represents these findings.

exentatide study and parkinsons

Exenatide: Helpful or Harmful?

However, the experiment did present some concerns. Reports added that one patient who had been treated with exenatide terminated treatment after their symptoms had worsened. Another faced unusual weight loss while receiving exenatide and was forced to end treatment. Both cases occurred within 10 months of beginning the experiment.

Other side effects cannot be ruled out since the trial was conducted short-term. Research suggests that patients who develop cancers and adverse reactions tend to face these symptoms several months or years following the treatment. Although the results have given hope to doctors about potentially improving the symptoms of Parkinson’s through exenatide injections, the idea that long-term use of the medication can encourage cancerous growths leaves many reluctant to even test this treatment.

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