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FDA Takes Action on TPN Shortage

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ivNutrients from electrolytes to proteins and carbohydrates support virtually every bodily organ including the heart as well as muscles and nerves. Unfortunately, not all persons are capable of attaining vital amounts these nutrients through eating. Total parenteral nutrition injections or TPN provide supplemental nutrients for children and other patients with these various nutrient deficiencies. Although TPN injection solutions offer health benefits to patients now, a recent shortage could leave nutrient-lacking persons without a solution in the future.

What Caused the Shortage?

In late 2012, American Regent faced an inundation of FDA recalls. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration encouraged supervisors to continue to operate, the facilities underwent a temporary closure. However, this discontinuation produced a shortage of much needed total parenteral nutrition medications.With the livelihood of many children with nutrition deficiencies at risk, this scarcity has become a major concern among healthcare professionals and families.

FDA Measures to Solve TPN Shortage

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognizes the severity of this issue and has turned to other nations in search for an adequate supply of TPN injections. According to the FDA news release on May 29, 2013, officials reported that trace elements for TPN products will be imported from Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC, in Norway. These endeavors are expected to provide a solution to the shortage which should be resolved in the upcoming weeks. Officials assure patients that the imported supplements have been thoroughly examined for quality and sterility by the FDA.

The FDA currently supports the efforts of American Regent to reopen and resolve previous issues related to recalls. Once opened, products will be manufactured in a prioritized order as assigned by the FDA.

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