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Granuflo Lawsuit: Woman Suffers Cardiac Arrest

As recently as May 17, 2013, lawsuits are still being filed against a medication that has caused heart complications and death. A Massachusetts woman filed a lawsuit claiming that her mother’s fatal cardiac arrest was cause by the dialysis treatments Granuflo and Naturalyte.

Granuflo Can Cause Cardiac Arrest

Granuflo, a widely-used dialysis treatment at one time, is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care and is a dialysis additive meant to regulate acid buildup in the blood. To have this effect, Granuflo increases bicarbonate levels to a level that is much higher than other similar dialysis solutions. This high bicarbonate level can lead to a bicarbonate overdose and cause metabolic alkalosis, which in result can cause serious cardiac complications/heart injury like heart attack, cardiopulmonary arrest, stroke, and possibly sudden death. Patients affected by Granuflo saw complications and injury as early as 48 hours of receiving treatment.

Patients who have suffered from Granuflo’s effects have decided to take action against Fresenius Medical Care, stating that improper warnings were given by the dialysis giant.

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Lawsuits Against Granuflo, Fresenius

In April 2013, more allegations of wrongful death came about when a Louisiana woman’s death was blamed on the use of Granuflo. Her children claim that their mother suffered from cardiac arrest during a hemodialysis treatment at a Fresenius treatment center and died of a heart attack just hours later.

The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation has consolidated all 161 pending litigations against Fresenius as part of a multidistrict litigation to be centralized before U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock in the District of Massachusetts during pretrial and early bellwether trials. These bellwether trials are coordinated to gauge how juries will respond to evidence and testimony that will come about in future litigation. Officials are expecting more pending litigations within the coming year, as many who are still suffering are still discovering that they can receive help.

While most of the allegations against Fresenius (injury or death due to metabolic alkalosis) seem similar, each injury will remain an individual claim instead of litigation through a class action. Every plaintiff’s representative will need to establish that their client’s injury was without a doubt caused by Granuflo.

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