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Januvia: Deaths and Devastation

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januvia tabletsMerck & Co. faced a large drop in sales of Type-2 diabetes treatment, Januvia this month. According to reports, shares had lowered by 1.6% for the pharmaceutical giant on May 1, 2013. However, Merck isn’t the only one suffering from the pitfalls of Januvia. Lawsuits and testimonials flooding the news indicate the treachery of side effects induced by Januvia.

Januvia-Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In March of 2013, three families took Merck & Co. to court after patients alleged that they had developed pancreatic cancer as a result of their treatment with Januvia. The trail took place in the Illinois state court as a wrongful death lawsuit against the corporation as two of the cases had resulted in deaths. The accusers argued that Merck:

  • failed to inform patients of the high-risk threats
  • had not properly tested or investigated Januvia as a Type-2 diabetes treatment
  • did not issue a recall even though the risks of the medication were substantially greater than the benefits
  • had not encouraged healthcare professionals to monitor or be aware of signs of pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis

In addition to these allegations, the families claimed that Merck had “over-promoted” Januvia, and did not accurately represent the risks for adverse reactions related to Januvia. Although many similar cases of pancreatic cancer have arisen in patients who have taken Januvia, the defendant indicates that the correlation between this medication and pancreatic carcinoma has not been confirmed.

Januvia and Acute Pancreatitis

For Januvia-user Michelle from Virginia, pancreatic cancer is an impending fear. After receiving Januvia as a treatment for her Type-2 diabetes in 2005, Michelle recounts that she terminated use of the drug after only six months due to a frustration with the lack of effectiveness of Januvia. She claims she had also become concerned about the extreme risks associated with Januvia at the time.

Nevertheless Michelle began having acute pancreatitis attacks which resulted in two hospitalizations and costly doctor visits. According to Michelle, her attorney now recommends that she get a PET (positron emission tomography) scan in order to be certain that she does not have pancreatic cancer, or to catch it at the onset of development if it does occur.

Many Type-2 diabetes patients and families share similar concerns regarding Januvia and other incretin mimetics which could cause development of cancers. If you or a loved one has become a victim of Januvia side effects, get legal assistance through our attorneys by filling out our “Request Attorney Assistance” form to find out if you are entitled to compensation.