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Keeping Patients Out of the Loop Results in NuvaRing Lawsuits

NuvaRing packages and ringHardly a decade ago, Merck & Company celebrated their launch of one of the most innovative, state-of-the-art forms of contraceptives known as NuvaRing. Greeted with a warm welcome from a crowd of women who were tired of their old, frustrating daily birth control pill-taking regimen, NuvaRing presented a more simple and hassle-free solution for preventing pregnancy. But while basking in their new found popularity, did NuvaRing manufacturers overlook the large threats that this small, plastic ring could potentially pose?

In March of 2008, the first lawsuit was filed against NuvaRing after one woman developed pulmonary embolism, or a clogging of arteries which subsequently resulted in her death. The case rested on the notion that marketing departments and producers of NuvaRing neglected to properly inform patients about the risks of using NuvaRing, among these the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (blood clotting of the veins) or pulmonary embolism. Even more serious are the end results of these disorders; perhaps patients would rethink their plan to prevent pregnancy if they knew that NuvaRing would increase the likelihood for a heart attack, stroke, or even death.

With an estimated 1.5 million women using NuvaRing globally, this is no minor issue as a majority of these women may have unknowingly bought their way into a life-threatening situation. Since NuvaRing’s introduction to the market, 300 cases were reported of patients who had suffered serious injuries while taking this contraceptive, and now 100 more lawsuits have been directed at NuvaRing to serve justice.

If you have used NuvaRing or are currently using NuvaRing, be sure to check out our page on the product and be aware of any adverse reactions you may suffer from. Your health is crucial and should be taken very seriously. Don’t hesitate to call  your doctor or contact a lawyer to help settle your case.