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Mirena User Warns of Dangerous Side Effects

Like many women, Jasmine Young, 34, thought her prayers had been answered when she heard about Mirena, an intrauterine device (IUD) created by Bayer Companies, which is inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years. With some encouragement from her sister-in-law, who claimed Mirena was the best birth control she had ever used, Young was ready to give Mirena a try after having her third baby.

The problems began from the moment she had the device implemented. Though “some discomfort” is expected during the procedure, Young described her experience as “very painful” – and unlike most Mirena users, her pain did not subside within hours of implementation.

mirena side effects pain“Pain, similar to that of the insertion, became all too common,” she said. “I would experience pain randomly throughout the day, deep down in my abdomen and my special area, so much so, I couldn’t bear the thought of intimacy let alone enjoy it.”

The pain made it difficult for Young to have sexual relations with her husband and the lack of intimacy combined with frequent spotting and mood swings all caused by Mirena caused her marriage to suffer.

“For a long time I wouldn’t let my husband get close to me,” she said. “I couldn’t control my emotions and I was a terror to be around.”

Though Young became quickly convinced that Mirena was not right for her, her doctor assured her she only needed to give her body enough time to adjust and that the pain would eventually subside. After four months, Young explained her concerns to a new doctor, who also tried to pressure her into keeping the device, an issue experienced by many unsatisfied users of Mirena.

“The new doctor tried to coerce me into keeping it with the threat of becoming pregnant again,” Young said.

Mirena’s Persisting Side Effects

Despite the doctor’s warning, Young proceeded with the removal of the device.

“My life returned to normal within three days of the removal,” she said. “My period resumed once again to its normal pattern and while we weren’t able to make up for lost times, I was able to begin patching things up with my husband again.”

Unfortunately, Young continues to experience lasting side effects.

“I still experience pain every now and then,” she said. “It feels as though someone kicked me in the special place with a steel-toe boot. Sometimes it wakes me out of my sleep. I can do nothing but pray and wait for it to end. I’d say it lasts about 15-30 min. I brought it to the attention of my new doc. She had testing done but she tells me everything came back normal. I’m coping for now.”

Because of her experience, Young cautions women interested in using Mirena.

“I wouldn’t recommend Mirena because from experience I know the cons far outweigh the pros and while some of the harm done is evident, I can only imagine the effects that went undetected.”

There are countless women, who have been victims of Mirena’s dangerous side effects and understated warning labels, many of whom have chosen to take action by filing lawsuits on Bayer Companies for issues similar to those experienced by Young. If you or a loved one has experienced adverse side effects associated with Mirena, contact our attorneys using the contact form on the page to find out how we can get you the help you deserve.