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NuVision Recalls All Lyophilized Products

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NuVision Pharmaceuticals compounds medications for physician and patient use. With its wide range of formulas and treatments, NuVision once boasted high quality lyophilization processes or “freeze-drying” in order to safely and conveniently ship products. However, during inspection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, experts deemed NuVision’s manufacturing processes unsuitable and below standards for quality and sanitation.

In association with the failed sanitation tests, NuVision has voluntarily recalled all lyophilized medications as of April 15, 2013. Reports indicate that use of any unsanitary products will result in a high risk for serious side effects and therefore should not be further utilized.

The recall includes all compounded products nationwide that have undergone the lyophilization process at NuVision including:

  • HcG 5000IU-5ml
  • Sermorelin/GHRH6-5ml

Returning Recalled Items and Reporting Adverse Reactions

NuVision has notified customers and professionals of the recall and provided instructions concerning the return of recalled products. For questions or comments NuVision Pharmacy may be reached at 800-914-7435. Report any serious side effects or reactions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program. Find more information about recall procedures through the FDA here.

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