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Reumofan Plus Tablets With Undeclared Ingredients Recalled

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Reumofan Plus tablets treat pain and inflammation related to various bone, joint and muscle conditions. Officials have found these tablets to contain unlabeled active ingredients. The components which had not been declared to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration consist of methocarbamol, dexamethasone, and diclofenac. On February 13, 2013, Reumofan Plus USA, LLC and Reumofan, LLC issued a voluntary recall of Reumofan Plus tablets. In addition to the recall, Reumofan has discontinued the distribution of the medication until further notice.

reumofan plus tablets container

Reumofan Plus tablets come in a yellow and green container and packaging (shown above).

Which Reumofan Plus Tablets Are Involved in the Recall?

Reumofan Plus USA and Reumofan USA issued a recall of Reumofan Plus tablets from lot number 99515. The warning label contains an expiration date of September 2016. Reumofan tablets are marketed in containers of 30 tablets.

What to Do with Recalled Reumofan Plus Tablets

The manufacturer warns users that taking Reumofan Plus may result in adverse reactions and should not be used as a treatment. The FDA has been notified of one incident involving a serious side effect related to the recalled Reumofan Plus tablets. Upon experiencing an adverse reaction associated with Reumofan Plus, contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration MedWatch Adverse Event Report Program. FDA contact information may be found here.

Call Reumofan Plus USA, LLC at (610)544-9761 for information on product returns.

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