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How Safe Are You From Birth Control?

Statistics have shown that nearly every sexually active woman has, at some point, used a form of contraception. Aside from preventing pregnancy, oral birth control has become a staple in many women’s lives due to their benefits  including regulating menstrual cycles, controlling acne, and calming mood swings. People began to think these little daily pills were the best invention, until the recalls began. The recalls, most notably Yaz and Yasmin, shed a terrifying light on the pill and people began to question whether or not they were safe using it.

Serious side effects

There are a handful of side effects associated with birth control, here are the most common.

Deep vein thrombosis
One of the recurrent issues patients report are cases of serious blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis has been at the center of Nuva Ring users, who now face health and financial turmoil.

Aspiring dental student, Anna Frutiger, developed blood clots at 23-years-old. She noticed pain in her legs and later developed shortness of breath. Although Anna was healthy, active, and didn’t fit the typical frame of someone prone to blood clots, doctors attributed her illness to the birth control pills she consumed. Sadly, Anna passed away a few months after being diagnosed with DVT.

Heart attacks
Although this serious side effect is considered rare by medical professionals, users have also been treated for heart complications caused by their birth control.

Although this isn’t a “serious side effect”, some women accidentally put themselves at risk of pregnancy if they forget a few days of pills.

Are you at risk?

Studies have revealed that women taking pills with drospirenone are more prone to developing blood clots. If you’re currently taking oral birth control, you should consult your physician immediately to ensure this ingredient is not in your daily dosage.  Women who are overweight, older than 35 years old, smoke, and have diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol are at a high risk of experiencing the serious side effects of oral birth control.

If you or a loved one use birth control pills that contain drospirenone, please use the form on this page to contact one of our experienced attorneys for legal guidance.