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Synthes Recalls Hemostatic Bone Putty

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On July 5, 2012,  Synthes, a medical device manufaturer, announced a Class I recall on Hemostatic Bone Putty and issued a letter to medical facilities requesting immediate return of identified part and lot numbers of the Hemostatic Bone Putty.

Hemostatic Bone Putty is used to stop cut or damaged bone from bleeding by creating a barrier around the edges. The Class I Recall, the most severe type of recall where there is a reasonable potential of death or serious adverse medical side effects, was issued because Hemostatic Bone Putty  has been found to carry the risk of igniting during surgery if contacted with electrosurgical cautery systems.

Medical professionals or patients who have experienced adverse side-effects from using Hemostatic Bone Putty are advised to contact Synthes.

If you are a patient requiring legal assistance for an injury caused by Hemostatic Bone Putty during surgery,  please use the form on the page to contact our expert attorneys.