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Accolate Side Effects

a 20 mg dosage package for the drug accolate

Serious side effects

If severe allergic reaction occurs, with symptoms like rashes/blisters, difficult breathing, tight chest, and swelling of the face, contact a physician immediately.
  • joint and muscle pains, with abnormal sinus pain and swelling
  • mental and behavioral abnormalities including agitation, anxiety, hallucinations, restlessness, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • sleeping troubles like strange dreams or trouble falling or staying asleep
  • shortness of breath and increasing breathing problems, with chest pains
  • swelling of the appendages, with easy bruising or bleeding
  • burning, numbness and tingling in the skin
  • liver problems including jaundice, itching and dark colored urine, severe stomach pain, persistent nausea/vomiting
  • coughing up blood and signs of an infection

Common Side effects

  • stomach problems including diarrhea, mild abdominal pain, loss of appetite and mild nausea
  • headaches and dizziness, with mild sore throat and fever/chills