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Astelin Side Effects

package of astelin nasal spray

Serious Side Effects of Astelin

  • Discontinue taking Astelin and get medical attention if ou start to experience unexplained shortness of breath,wheezing, or  a tight feelingin your chest,.
  • If your pulse begins to become uneven or faster than usual, stop using Astelin and talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Common Side Effects of Astelin

  • After using Astelin, you may notice a bitter taste or dryness in your mouth, a sore throat or nasal burning.
  • Astelin can make you feel drowsy. Do not perform any activities that require your complete attention, such as driving, until you know how Astelin will affect you. Avoid drinking while taking Astelin. It can increase the drowsy effects of this medication.
  • You may experience  reddened eyes, a headache, feel nausea, or become dizzy after using Astelin.
  • Astelin may cause you to gain weight.