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Bio-T-Gel Side Effects

tesesterone gel packet bio t gel

Serious Side Effects of Bio-T-Gel

  • worsened symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland: urinating more frequently, trouble urinating, more urgency to urinate, or inability to control your bladder
  • decrease in the amount of sperm
  • swelling of the body, especially the ankles or feet which may be accompanied by heart failure (heart is unable to pump sufficient amounts of blood throughout the body)
  • swelling or tenderness of the breasts
  • difficulty sleeping or breathing correctly while sleeping (sleep apnea)
  • blood clotting in the legs with symptoms of aching or pain, and inflammation or irritation of the legs
Bio-T-Gel may cause serious adverse reactions if a woman or child comes in contact with it. See "Warnings and Recalls" tab for more information.

Common Side Effects of Bio-T-Gel

  • increase in acne
  • irritation of the skin at the area of application
  • high cholesterol
  • raise in the amount of red blood cells