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Cervarix Side Effects

Cervarix injection

Serious Side Effects of Cervarix

  • Cervarix may cause you to faint soon after an injection. Your doctor may require you to stay under their supervision for a few minutes after your treatment.
  • A severe allergic reaction to Cervarix is unlikely, but if you start to have a hard time breathing, have a seizure, or experience swelling of the mouth or tongue get medical attention as soon as possible.

Common Side Effects of Cervarix

  • After receiving a Cervarix shot, you may experience pain or irritation where the shot was administered, develop a headache, become fatigued, or notice muscle pain.
  • Some patients may feel nauseous, get a fever, experience vomiting or diarrhea, or develop abdominal pain.
  • Cervarix may cause skin irritation (rashes, itchiness, hives) or mild joint pain.