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Cetuximab Side Effects

Vial of the drug cetuximab or erbitux

Serious side effects

If allergic reaction occurs, with symptoms including rash/hives/itching, difficult swallowing/breathing, tight chest, or swelling of the face, consult a physician immediately.
  • infusion reactions which can leave the patient with shortness of breath, itchiness, dizziness, wheezing and hoarseness
  • coughing up blood with fast heartbeats
  • fainting and unusual tiredness
  • low blood magnesium levels which can induce spams, seizures, sluggishness, loss of appetite and general weakness
  • new or worsened breathing problems, including shortness of breath
  • bone pain in the chest, jaw or arm, with muscle cramps and stiff neck
  • burning, numbness, swelling or tingling/tightening feeling in appendages, with tremors
  • skin problems including red and swollen, irritated skin, hives, cracking and peeling, with oozing skin
  • decrease in urination, with signs of infection
  • mood changes including anxiety and depression, with confusion
  • severe nausea/vomiting and headaches, with some dehydration

Common side effects

  • pain or redness at injection site or near nail beds
  • hair loss and difficulty falling and staying asleep
  • constipation and stomach pain, with heartburn, nausea/vomiting and diarrhea
  • unexplainable weight change with back pain
  • burning in the eyes with some sensitivity to light
  • chills and pale skin, with runny nose
  • tender glands in the neck and unusual bleeding/bruising
  • black/tarry bowel movements and sores around the mouth
  • feeling thirsty and having sunken eyes, with sore throat and fever
  • discoloration of the nails in the toes and fingers, trouble concentrating
  • eyelid pain, with dry mouth/lips and itchy eyes
  • mild acne and unusual sweating with taste changes
  • minor joint pain