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Clonidine Side Effects

front and back of clonidine tablet

Serious Side Effects of Clonidine

  • abnormal heartbeats, either at dangerously high or low rates
  • tightness in chestPackage of Clonidine
  • trouble breathing
  • rapid weight gain
  • hallucinating or feeling confused
  • fever
  • faintness or passing out
  • difficulty urinating or not urinating at all

Common Side Effects of Clonidine

  • feeling tired or dizzy
  • blurry vision, or a dry, burning sensation of the eyes
  • increased anxiety
  • trouble sleeping
  • nausea or throwing up
  • changes in bowel movements including constipation
  • headache
  • joint or muscle aching
  • minor rash
  • decreased libido, inability to have sex (erectile dysfunction)

What Symptoms may be a Sign of Withdrawal?

Sudden termination of treatment using Clonidine may result in withdrawal. Seek professional care if these symptoms occur:
  • increased anxiety
  • irritability
  • extremely high blood pressure
  • uncontrollable shaking or sweating
  • upset stomach
  • depression
  • aching in the body