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Colistimethate Side Effects

colistimethate injection bottle

Serious Side Effects of Colistimethate

  • fever (temperature of 100° F or above)
  • severe dizziness, slurring of speech, and persistent numbness or itchiness
  • bowel changes such as severe diarrhea, or diarrhea that consists of water or blood
  • having trouble urinating or not being able to urinate at all
  • weakness or loss of muscle strength
  • chest tension and shortness of breath
  • a new infection
  • serious allergic reaction with side effects such as redness or itchiness of the skin, hives, inflammation of the tongue, throat, mouth, or face, and trouble breathing

Common Side Effects of Colistimethate

  • mild dizziness and tingling (especially in the extremities)
  • stomach ache or mild cramping
  • minor skin rash