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Doral Side Effects

doral, insomnia medication

Serious Side Effects of Doral

  • worsening of the condition
  • changes in mental condition which may cause hallucinations, mood swings, feeling irritated or more aggressive
  • feeling confused
  • slurring of speech or difficulty speaking
  • anxiety
  • increased or irregular heart rate
  • trouble breathing or feeling short of breath
  • difficulty urinating; changes in urination
  • jaundice (yellowed skin or eyes)
  • stiff or tense muscles, especially in the mouth area, tongue, jaw or neck
  • severe allergic reaction which may result in hives, a rash, swelling of the tongue, throat, mouth or face and difficulty breathing

Common Side Effects of Doral

  • minor skin rash
  • fatigue during the daytime
  • having nightmares
  • amnesia,memory problems, or becoming forgetful
  • decrease in muscle strength or feeling weak
  • difficulty coordinating or balancing
  • feeling dizzy
  • vision changes or problems, blurry vision
  • headaches
  • bowel changes such as diarrhea
  • stomach aches, decrease in appetite, or feeling nauseous
  • dryness of the mouth and feeling thirsty
  • mood swings, feeling depressed, nervous, agitated or excited
  • decreased libido, loss in desire or ability to have sex