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Elavil Side Effects

elavil 10mg tablets bottle

Serious side effects of Elavil

  • Elavil may cause a worsening of symptoms, such as increased depression, suicidal thoughts, or sudden mood changes, such as irritability.
  • Cardiovascular side effects, such as irregular heartbeat, heart attack, and, in rare cases, sudden cardiac death, which can be caused by overdosage.
  • Tremor or uncontrollable shaking in an part of the body, as well as numbness or weakness in the limbs.
  • Dehydration and urinating less or not at all.

Common side effects of Elavil

  • Elavil has been known to work similarly to a sedative, and cause drowsiness or blurred vision.
  • Elavil may also cause constipation, nausea, vomiting, changes in appetite, as well as weight gain or loss.
  • Changes in a patient's sex drive and libido are also common occurrences when using antidepressant medications.