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Elestrin Side Effects

Two bottles and a box of Elestrin

Severe Side Effects of Elestrin

  • Elestrin has caused strokes in some users.
  • Elestrin may cause breast cancer and also endometrial cancer in the uterus (see black box warning).
  • Life threatening blood clots have occurred in some patients taking Elestrin.
  • Elestrin increases the risk of gallbladder disease.
  • Some patients have reported pancreatitis while taking Elestrin.
  • Dementia may occur when Elestrin is taken with Progesterone.

Common Side Effects of Elestrin

  • Elestrin can alter the sex drive.
  • Other side effects associated with Elestrin are vision problems, upset stomach and vomiting, edema (fluid buildup that causes swelling), changes in mood, migraines, high blood pressure, upper respiratory infection, and muscle cramps.