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Other Names

Other Names for Granuflo

What is the generic name of GranuFlo? Brand name: Granuflo Currently, there is no generic name brand of GranuFlo. The product was recalled by the FDA in June of 2012, but not all clinics have stopped using the product. There are few other brands of dialysis compounds to replace GranuFlo and for this reason clinics may still be using the product. Several lawsuits have already been filed after patients suffered cardiac arrests and died after undergoing hemodialysis treatments with GranuFlo. If your loved one suffered injuries or died after receiving treatment a a dialysis center you should contact an attorney to learn your rights and determine if GranuFlo was administered improperly.
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Granuflo Side Effects

Granuflo Dialysis Machine, granuflo lawsuit

Granuflo Side Effects- Serious

Elevated levels of bicarbonate in the body can lead to serious complications, including:
  • stroke,
  • cardiac arrest,
  • heart attack,
  • low blood pressure,
  • irregular heartbeats, or
  • death.

Large corporations often fail to put patient safety first.

The FDA recalled GranuFlo in June of 2012 after the company did not disclose the risks of serious complications (and potentially lethal risks) of using GranuFlo improperly for dialysis patients. The product, manufactured by German company Fresenius Medical Care, contains acetate, which converts into bicarbonate in the body and if doctors do not monitor these levels closely the risks and side effects of GranuFlo are dangerous, and sometimes lethal. Fresenius knew about the risks since last year, but failed to alert dialysis clinics nationwide about the issue. Instead, they chose to disclose the information solely to doctors at their Fresenius-owned dialysis clinics. The FDA is now investigating Fresenius for failure to warn the public of the serious risks associated with GranuFlo. Patients often suffer needlessly because of a corporation's negligence. If your loved one suffered injuries after dialysis you should contact an attorney to determine if GranuFlo was being administered incorrectly. You may have a claim to hold the company responsible for injuries. Contact us today to learn your rights.