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Loxapine Side Effects

a 50 mg Loxapine tablet

Severe Side Effects of Loxapine

  • Loxapine may cause or worsen jaundice and hepatitis.
  • Cardiac death and lethal infections have resulted from some elderly dementia patients taking Loxapine.  Please see black box warning.
  • Loxapine may lower white blood cell count to dangerous levels in some patients.  This increases the risk for severe infections.
  • An overdose of Loxapine may cause lethal respiratory depression.
  • Loxapine has caused paralytic ileus or an intestinal blockage in some patients.

Common Side Effects of Loxapine

  • Nervous system side effects include dizzy feelings, muscle spasms, difficulty sleeping, seizures, and increased agitation.
  • Upset stomach, vomiting, swelling, and difficulty urinating may also occur while taking Loxapine.