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Mellaril Side Effects

100 mg tablet of Mellaril

Severe Side Effects of Mellaril

  • Deaths due to severe arrhythmia caused the FDA to add a black box warning for Mellaril.  This drug greatly increases the risk of lethal cardiac events.
  • Mellaril may cause the patient to enter into a comatose state.
  • Severe Respiratory depression (hypoventilation) and apnea may occur while taking Mellaril.
  • Mellaril may cause pulmonary edema, or excess fluid in the lungs.  This is often life threatening if not quickly treated.
  • Tardive Dyskinesia, which entails involuntary bodily spasms and movement, may develop during long term use of Mellaril.
  • Mellaril may cause kidney failure in some patients.
  • Intestinal blockage may result from taking Mellaril.
  • Some patients experienced seizures while taking Mellaril.

Common Side Effects of Mellaril

  • Nervous System side effects for Mellaril include anger or agitation, confused states, restlessness, and drop in body temperature.
  • Other side effects include dry mouth, blurry vision, and nasal blockage.