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Mesh Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of Meshsurgical mesh pieces

Mesh typically induces mild pain or discomfort following surgery. However, serious side effects can be caused by the erosion of the mesh or protrusion of the mesh through tissue. Patients should contact their doctor immediately upon experiencing side effects of:
  • severe pain or aching
  • bleeding or perforation of the blood vessels, bladder or bowel
  • urinary infection
  • difficulty urinating or not being able to urinate at all, loss of bladder control
  • serious discomfort or pain during sexual activity which can be related to scarring from surgery or erosion of vaginal mesh
  • changes in the shape of the vagina, shortening or tightening of the area
  • recurring prolapse
  • irritation to penis during sex if mesh becomes exposed
  • depression or psychological effects which may result from decrease in sexual ability