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Metadate Side Effects

dual sides of a 10 mg Metadate CD capsule.

Severe Side Effects of Metadate

  • Metadate CD has caused lethal heart attacks in some patients.
  • Stroke has also been reported by some patients taking Metadate CD.
  • Metadate CD may worsen Bipolar patients and cause manic episodes.
  • Metadate CD may cause hallucinations and delusional states in some patients.
  • Metadate CD has caused Tourette's Syndrome in a few patients.
  • Some patients have reported that Metadate CD caused liver failure and liver failure-related coma.

Common Side Effects of Metadate

  • Metadate CD has many common side effects including abdominal cramps, Anorexia or lowered appetite, trouble sleeping, rash, dizzy spells, changes in blood pressure, headache, and hair loss.