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Moban Side Effects

the front and back of a 10 mg moban tablet

Severe Side Effects of Moban

  •  Moban may cause tardive dyskinesia, which may be irreversible.  Symptoms include uncontrollable movement and spasms.
  • Moban may also cause Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, which may be lethal.  Symptoms of NMS include severe tenseness of muscles, irregular pulse, and heart-related symptoms.
  • There may be a link between antipsychotic drugs such as Moban and breast cancer due to elevated prolactin levels.
  • Moban may cause Parkinson's disease or Parkinson's syndrome symptoms such as involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, and tremors.
  • Dystonia has been reported in some patients taking Moban.  Symptoms of this include difficulty swallowing and severe muscle contractions.

Common Side Effects of Moban

  • Common side effects include tiredness, hyper active moods and restlessness, temporary depression, increased sexual desire, and rash.