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Mylotarg Side Effects

A brown vial of Mylotarg.
Some medical professionals may administer medications prior to the infusion of Mylotarg to diminish the allergic-type reactions the drug can cause.

Serious side effects

  • Mylosupression- cardiac and blood problems including low blood counts, white and red blood cells and platelets decrease, low potassium,  high/low blood pressure, which all can cause infection (fever and chills) and septic shock
  • Liver problems including failure (hepatotoxicity) due to Tumor Lysis Syndrome which can cause abdominal and back pain. This occurs when cancer sells are rapidly being killed and the uric acid from the cells is released into the blood.
  • Veno-occlusive liver disease (VOD) which can happen after chemotherapy followed by bone marrow/stem cell transplants. Symptoms include enlarged liver, weight gain due to fluid retention and high bilirubin levels, which can lead to multiple organ failure.

Common side effects

Mostly occur after infusion and are known to diminish over time:
  • Poor appetite, diarrhea/constipation and nausea/vomiting which can lead to weakness, anemia and depression.
  • Common allergic-type reactions like shortness of breath, swelling of face/hands/feet, rashes, mouth sores (mucositis/stomatitis), and inflammation in the throat.
  • Pains, such as headaches and joint pains.