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Nuvigil Side Effects

Severe side effects of Nuvigil

  • Extreme fits of anger or rage.
  • Severe rash or Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which is due to an infection or allergic reaction.  If this occurs, it is advised to discontinue taking Nuvigil.
  • Allergic reactions including hives, blisters, facial swelling, difficulty breathing and swallowing, and dark colored urine.
  • Heart problems including abnormal heart beat and chest pains.

Common side effects of Nuvigil

  • Gastrointestinal side effects include nausea or indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Nervous system side effects include headaches and migraines, lack of focus, and vertigo.
  • Mental side effects include depression, anxiety, nervous spells, restlessness or insomnia, and increased agitation or anger.