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Pegasys Side Effects

A box and vial of Pegasys.

Serious side effects of Pegasys

  • Fetal death or abnormalities in patients who are pregnant when used with the medication Copegus | ribavirin.
  • May cause changes in mood such as bouts of irritability or aggression, depression, anxiousness, and suicidal thoughts or attempt at suicide.
  • Increased blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, or chest pain which may signify heart attack or other serious heart problems.
  • Weakness or numbness, especially on one side of the body, or unexplained loss of coordination which may be signs of a stroke.
  • Intestinal inflammation, which can result in serious stomach or abdominal pain, and blood-filled diarrhea.
  • Due to the effects on the immune system, this medication may also lead to an increased risk for infection, characterized by painful sensation while urinating, urinating more frequently, cough with phlegm in it, and fever or chills.
  • May stunt growth in pediatric patients.
  • Hypersensitivity or allergy to any ingredients contained in this medication may cause swelling of the throat or mouth, hives, rash, redness, or itching.
  • Increased feelings of thirst, increase urination or appetite, and fruity smelling breathe, which may be signs of diabetes.
  • Changes in weight or perception of temperature, altered appearance of the skin, and difficulty concentrating may be signs of negative thyroid interactions.
  • Vision impairment or total vision loss may occur.

Common side effects of Pegasys

  • Due to its effects on the immune system, Pegasys may commonly cause flu-like symptoms, such as coughing, congestion, fatigue, or weakness.
  • Pegasys may also cause problems within the gastrointestinal tract, such as stomach-related issues or loss of appetite.
  • This medication can also cause temporary thinning of hair, difficulty sleeping, or unexplained skin reactions, such as redness or irritation where the injection occurs.