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Picato Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of Picato

  • Skin reactions such as redness, flaking, crusting or scaling, swelling, or pus-filled blisters. If skin reactions become severe or intolerable, seek medical attention immediately as these symptoms can lead to a breakdown of the skin.
  • If your eyes come in contact with Picato you may experience serious eye pain, along with swollen or drooping eyelids.
  • Signs of an allergic reaction to Picato include unexplained rash, hives, unexplained swelling in the mouth or throat, and difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Common Side Effects of Picato

  • Milk skin irritations may occur, including itchiness, dryness, or infection where the gel was applied.
  • Headaches and sinus pain, with or without throat and nose irritation.