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Pramipexole Side Effects

Five bottles of the drug Pramipexole containing various dosage forms of the drug.

Serious side effects

  • low blood pressure, chest pain and shortness of breath
  • kidney problems including dark brown/red urine
  • severe unusual weakness or dizziness
  • possible development of melanoma and new or unusual skin growths
  • severe allergic reactions (rashes/hives, difficulty breathing with tight chest, swelling of the face)

Common side effects

  • nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss
  • dry mouth, sweating and pain at the joints
  • urination problems like frequent and urgent needs to urinate, and difficulty/pain when urinating
  • swelling of body appendages and muscle spasms
  • dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting after lying or sitting down
  • trouble balancing and controlling muscles with some twitching
  • muscle stiffness, weakness and aching with tenderness
  • changes in behavior or mood with abnormal thinking
  • sleep problems including sudden urge to sleep or falling asleep suddenly at an unusual time with severe drowsiness and difficulty falling/staying asleep
  • confusion and memory loss with decreased sexual interest/ability
  • trouble swallowing with intense urges for sexual activity, eating and gambling

2 Reviews of Pramipexole

  1. cas3135 says:

    There are more serious side effects then what Is covered here , Armenia , difficulty swallowing , unusual weakness . My dad had these symptoms that were dismissed by his cardiologist when we called . The Mayo Clinic has the complete list , you need to research . Dad was told that all his test results were negative two separate times , discharged from the hospital twice .the third time went to different hospital where they did same test and diagnosed with esophageal cancer . All the severe side effects were there and dismissed . We want answers , and anyone who can shed more light on this , please respond to this post.
    There are articles that confirm the risks for his age group 60 + and the amount of time since placed on drug .

    • JudyR says:

      Can you disclose some of the more serious side effects that aren’t currently listed, and are the symptoms in question from the medication or the cancer, as your father was assumedly diagnosed around the same time as he was taking this medication? Difficulty swallowing can be a result of the esophageal cancer. Did he suffer from anemia? The articles confirming risks of patients include increased risk of skin cancer in those with Parkinson’s, and an increase in hallucinations and abnormal behavior in the elderly. A current investigation of possible heart failure in some patients is underway.

      Refer to government websites such as: