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Prilosec Side Effects

A box of Prilosec.

Serious Side Effects of Prilosec

  • seizure
  • inflammation of the pancreas Package of Prilosec OTC tablets
  • twitching or abnormal muscle movement
  • rapid or irregular heart rate
  • liver failure
  • kidney disease
  • feeling dizzy or restless
  • diarrhea with blood or water in it
  • blood in urine or a urinary tract infection
  • cramps, pain or loss of strength in muscles
  • coughing or feeling like you are choking
  • allergic reaction: reddened or itchy skin, hives, inflammation of the mouth. lips,

Common Side Effects of Prilosec

  • headache
  • fever
  • feeling nervous
  • symptoms of a cold: congestion, sneezing, sore throat and aching of the body
  • stomach pain
  • upset stomach, throwing up
  • minor diarrhea
  • cramping in the legs