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Restoril Side Effects

Image of the 30 mg capsule of Restoril which is light blue and maroon and says boldly FOR SLEEP.

Severe side effects

  • Allergic type reactions including rash, difficulty breathing and swelling
  • Fast heartbeats with shallow and weak breathing
  • Mood or behavior changes like confusion, hallucinations, agitation/aggression, slurred speaking and thoughts of suicide
  • restless movement in face and neck with fever, chills, body ache and flu-like symptoms
  • easy injury like bruising, with bleeding, pale skin/jaundice and weakness
  • stomach problems including nausea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, change in the color of stools with dark and problematic urination
  • dependence problems, anxiety and sleep-walking

Common side effects

  • sleepiness during the day, lack of coordination, minor muscle weakness with minor amnesia
  • phantom feelings including numbness, burning, pain, trembling or tingling
  • Mood changes including nervousness, excitability, irritability or depression
  • Headaches and blurred vision, along with dry mouth or feeling thirsty and other symptoms of feeling "hung over"
  • minor stomach problems including nausea, vomiting and mild abdominal discomfort