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Testim Side Effects

Testim 1% Topical Use Testosterone

Serious Side Effects of Testim

  • Symptoms of an enlarged prostate can worsen with the use of Testim. These signs include increased urination, trouble starting to urine, weak urine flow, and having sudden urges to go to the bathroom.
  • There is a chance that Testim increases the risk of prostate cancer.
  • In large doses, this gel may decrease sperm count.
  • Serious complications for those who have heart, kidney or liver disease include swelling of the feet or body with the possibility of heart failure.
  • You may experience enlarged or painful breasts.
  • Sleep apnea (trouble breathing while sleeping) may develop.
  • Pain, swelling, and redness due to blood clots may occur.

Common Side Effects of Testim

  • The skin of the application site may become irritated
  • Testim may increase blood pressure and red blood cell count.
  • Use of Testim may cause erections that last longer period of time.