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Trazodone Side Effects

Serious Side Effects of Trazodone

  • increased depressionTrazodone package and pills
  • increased thoughts of suicide
  • drastic changes in mood
  • trouble sleeping
  • severe dizziness or passing out
  • increase in heart rate or difficulty breathing
  • hallucinating
  • feeling jittery, irritated or angry, tense muscles, rapid heartbeats and faintness
  • nauseousness or throwing up
  • diarrhea
  • seizure
  • bruising or bleeding easily
  • pain spreading from the chest, arm and shoulder
  • allergic reaction: redness or itchiness of the skin, swelling of the throat, mouth, tongue or face, and trouble breathing

Common Side Effects of Trazodone

  • tiredness
  • minor headache
  • constipation
  • changes in vision