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Warfarin Side Effects

different packages of the blood thinner warfarin
Warfarin may cause serious side effects, such as:
  • Excessive bleeding, which is potentially life-threatening, and is characterized by vomiting blood, nosebleeds, bleeding gums after brushing your teeth, red or black stool, blood in urine, unusual bruising, cuts that will not stop bleeding, excessive menstrual bleeding, unexpected vaginal bleeding, unusual pain or swelling, headache, dizziness or weakness.
  • skin necrosis, also known as death of the skin tissue, which exhibits symptoms such as pain, color change, or temperature change to a specific area of the body
  • increased risk for bone fracture
  • purple toe syndrome, which can be painful and cause toes to turn blue or purple in color
Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these serious side effects. Warfarin may also cause more common side effects, such as:
  • bruising more easily
  • hair loss, which is infrequent and can be reversed
  • nausea
  • paleness
  • loss of appetite