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Zioptan Side Effects

Zioptan packaging

Serious Side Effects of Zioptan

  • Zioptan may change the color of your eyes. After use, your iris may turn more brown and may not change back when you stop using the medication. If Zioptan is only used in one eye, that eye may differ in color from the other.
  • Eyelashes of treated eyes may change in length, color, thickness, shape, and number. These changes typically reverse when treatment is stopped
  • The eyelids of the medicated eyes may also darken or experience hair growth. These side effects usually disappear after Zioptan use is discontinued.

Common Side Effects of Zioptan

  • The treated eye may exhibit redness, stinging, dryness pain or itching.
  • Blurred vision may occur and cataracts may form.
  • Some patients may experience headache, cold, or cough.