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Zomig Side Effects

Zomig tablet

Severe Side Effects of Zomig

  • If you have trouble breathing, or if you develop hives or swelling in your face, lips, eyes, tongue, or throat while taking Zomig, contact your doctor immediately. These may be signs of a serious allergic reaction.
  • While taking Zomig, tell your doctor if you experience pain or numbness in any part of your body.
  • Your emotional and mental health may also be at risk. Seek medical attention if you have hallucinations, fainting spells, nausea, slurred speech, or impaired balance.
  • You may experience digestive disorders like vomiting, severe stomach pain and bloody diarrhea, as well.
  • Zomig may cause your heart rate and body temperature to go up, resulting in increased heart rate and sweating.

Common Side Effects of Zomig

  • Dry mouth, drowsiness, and neck or stomach pains are common when taking Zomig. Alert your doctor if these conditions worsen or become unbearable.